CCTV Footage Proves Shaheed Nauman Akram Tried To Save F-16 Before Crashing!

shaheed nauman akram

It is quite heart wrenching to know the news of the Shaheed Nauman Akram’s sad demise. Recently surfacing videos of the crash indicate that Wing Cdr Nauman actually tried to prevent the plane from crashing into the nearby populated area. The now Shaheed pilot preferred not to eject and remained intact so that the plane would crash on an empty road without harming anyone.

According to local media reports, the PAF spokesperson, the incident occurred whilst the practice for the upcoming March 23rd parade. Unfortunately, the F-16 got out of control in mid-air and crashed near the Chand Tara area, Islamabad.

shaheed nauman akram

source: incpak

Highlight Of The Crash!

The most recent footage comes from a CCTV camera, placed near the Pakistan China Centre, Islamabad. The footage clearly reveals that Commander Nauman achieving martyrdom as he endeavors to land the aircraft on a small empty road.

However, reports indicate that the aircraft was already on flames when Nauman was in it. Nevertheless, he never opted for the eject option, since he knew that the aircraft could crash on the nearby population, killing several.

Journalist Hamid Mir tweeted the same footage, coming from the CCTV camera!

Captain Nauman Akram Embracing Martyrdom!

Following the crash, reports began to pour in. Later, Pakistan Air Force(PAF) assured Nauman Akram’s Shahadat. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s pride couldn’t survive the crash impact and embracing Shahadat. Within minutes, the local police and rescue teams segregated the crash site to lead their investigation.

Without any doubt, it is another day for Pakistan to mourn. Sources reveal that a member of the National Assembly (NA) has started ‘Fatiha’ for the Shaheed commander. From the PAF headquarters, it is known that Cdr Nauman was amongst the best fighter pilots that Pakistan Airforce Academy could produce.

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The Shaheed was responsible for lifting the Sher Afghan Trophy in 2019. Recently, he even flew the Chief Of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa in an F-16.

Sadly, it is quite an emotional moment for the entire people of Pakistan and a serious loss to the PAF. As of now, for further investigation, the Air Headquarter has created a special unit to find out why the crash happened and what was the cause of the deadly incident.

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