CCTV Video Shows Man Molesting Child In Punjab – Abuser Caught And Beaten By Locals!

The case that shook Pakistan’s collective conscience, Zainab Ansari’s rape and murder in Jhang, has raised awareness in the country like never before. After the 7-year-old’s body was recovered from a trash heap, civil society protested as long as the murdered Imran Ali was apprehended by authorities.

The only benefit, so to speak, that came from the case was of how Pakistan realized that child sexual abuse and pedophilia existed throughout the country and that this vice needed to be curbed, if not banished completely. Thus, through a host of awareness campaigns, including that of installing CCTV camera outside houses, many agendas were raised.


One of the aforementioned ideas came to good use in Punjab, when videos of a man molesting a child surfaced on social media. The video was captured through a CCTV camera installed on a street. In the video, it can be clearly seen that a grown man was trying to take advantage of an innocent child, not older than 5 years.

The incident seemed to have occurred in broad daylight, as the man tried to touch the little boy inappropriately in an alley. You wouldn’t find much wrong with it, until you see the part where the little boy is kissed on his mouth and lips by the man. The incident, that occurred on 25-2-2018, at 12:30 pm in the day, has caught the country’s attention once again.

People keep walking next to the man and the boy, unaware of what the monster had been doing to the child. It was only when a bearded man appeared from one of the buildings and took notice of what had been going. At this, he alerted everybody in the area, that he caught a child molester. He then contacted the child’s father and alerted him of what had happened.

The locals then beat the living hell out of the pedophile and also alerted local authorities, including the police and other bureaucrats. The culprit in other videos then tried to prove his innocence, but it was all going to waste, as their was video footage present as proof against him and his indecent acts against the child.

It has happened so often, when Pakistan has ignored pedophilia for a lack of solution, but no more. These culprits are now being named and shamed for what they do. If you know anyone who has ever abused a child or tried to molest them, please contact authorities present near you.

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