Intelligence Report Had Declared CCPO Lahore Unfit For Job – Umar Sheikh Has A ‘Tainted’ Career

CCPO Lahore unfit Umar Sheikh

The recent motorway incident has left entire Pakistan in shock and disgust at the uncovered mentality of Pakistanis. While many use the opportunity, to blame rape victims, it offended us more to see even police officials taking the same route. And those police officials include CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh who has been declared unfit for the post.


Right after the incident occurred, CCPO Lahore Umer Sheikh during a conversation with a local news channel said this.

To say people were repulsed is an understatement. However, things didn’t quite end there, an internet-user shows quite an in-depth evidence of this respective CCPO Lahore which claims that he might not be a saint himself!

A Twitter user questions why is a victim-blaming official given a position of such high authority? Along with that, he also shows a report which states that CCPO Lahore is a ‘serial womanizer.’

Is it true? If so, we really are in the hands of doom, provided that, even are civil security officials are not safe!

This information about CCPO Lahore is causing a wave of anger and disappointment among people. Hence, citizens are requesting his removal immediately.

CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh has a ‘tainted’ career: report

According to a The News report by senior journalist Ansar Abbasi, PM Imran Khan changed the fifth IG Police Punjab Shoaib Dastoeer and decided to continue with the CCPO Lahore.

An Intelligence Bureau (IB) report on CCPO Lahore was also presented before the Central Selection Board (CSB). Moreover, the report said extremely negatively about the repute of the officer.

But, PM approved Shaikh’s supersession on the recommendation of the CSB, which found him an officer with a “tainted” career, added the news report.

Abbasi said in the report that The News was not “reproducing here what is written in the IB report, which contains serious allegations.”

Twitterati demanding removal of CCPO Lahore!

In fact, within a few minutes, the appeal for his removal is becoming a top trend on social media. Netizens are leaving in their views regarding the matter and asking governing bodies to take strict actions.

To end him in more trouble, the same internet-user provided the complete report on the matter; now we wonder, will authorities take action? At the moment, the situation is reaching towards a make-or-break scenario.


Even famous journalist Nasim Zehra added her comments on the matter.

Above all, the question is why is victim-blaming such a normalized concept in Pakistan?

Senate HR committee takes notice against CCPO Lahore!

Apart from how the netizens have raised questions, it is now learnt, that the Senate HR committee of Pakistan has taken full notice of the ‘Motorway Incident’.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokar took to Twitter to inform the citizens about the action being taken against CCPO Lahore’s crude remarks.

Meanwhile, CCPO Lahore continued to defend his statement after severe media backlash. Here’s what he had to say.

Are you convinced with his clarification? We are not! All in all, an investigation on this report which suggests that CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh is unfit and is involved in heinous crimes must also be reviewed; before any punishment or decision is made!

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