WATCH: MNAs Grill CCPO Lahore ‘Unapologetically’ & Pakistanis Couldn’t Be More Proud

mnas grill ccpo lahore

While the entire nation was devastated and shocked over the unspeakable motorway incident, CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh blamed the victim, causing a wave of anger among people. Earlier, the citizens were strongly demanding his removal but now PML-N also demands the same. Recently, MNAs grilled CCPO Lahore for his behavior and Pakistanis are proud.

It is beyond anyone to understand the pain that the victim had to go through during such a brutal act of barbarism. More so, the victim was a mother of two children. Yet, the CCPO Lahore, while giving a disgusting statement, had the audacity to blame the victim for putting herself in such a situation.

In a meeting of a National Assembly standing committee, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MNA Mohsin Ranjha slammed and grilled CCPO Sheikh Lahore for making insensitive remarks in the motorway gang-rape case.

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Rather than promising to catch the absconders, the CCPO blamed the victim. He inculpated the woman, who was allegedly raped by two robbers on the motorway, for her route choice and not checking the fuel before leaving for the travel.

This led to a national outrage with the public demanding to get him removed after his unacceptable statement. His apology came after the Lahore High Court took strong exception to his remarks on the motorway gang-rape incident. However, he cannot be forgiven.

Parliamentarians grill the CCPO unapologetically

Keeping in mind what the CCPO did, one can never truly forgive him for his insensitive and unacceptable statement. Sure, he later apologized for it but does that change the fact that he is a misogynist with a corrupt mentality?

If this is what a senior police official, responsible for the protection of citizens (which include women), thinks then who can women turn to? 

The lawmaker Ranjha lashed out at the CCPO in a meeting of a National Assembly standing committee. He said that he should be ashamed for making such a statement. He stated, “You should change your thinking and attitude towards the incident. You are answerable for your performance.”

In addition to this, the lawmaker also asked the CCPO about the inclusion of terror charges in the FIR against PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz and other workers. At this, CCPO Sheikh asked the lawmaker to tell if two FIR can be registered over a single incident.

Ranjha took exception in his remarks and told the Lahore police chief that he is not here to ask questions. Well, the CCPO had this counterblast coming. He certainly asked for it! He cannot simply just get away with his ridiculous act. Such mindsets in our society need to be changed.

In a tweet about the inclusion of 7 ATA charges in the case against PML-N workers, Ranjha said, “When challan has not been prepared, its unlawful as the insertion of a new offense can only be made at the scrutiny of challan’s stage.”

The Twittersphere could not be more proud of the MNA

Well, we aren’t any less proud of him. The CCPO had to be given a shut-up call. Pathetically, even after the public backlash, he continued his shameless victim-blaming. Even though the problematic officer finally came to realize his mistake earlier and apologized for it, he cannot be forgiven for his corrupt mindset.

For a law enforcement agency to make such bigoted statements is apathetic and pathetic. Makes us wonder why he is in law enforcement if not for ensuring the rule of law. He reflected on how deeply entrenched shame culture, victim-blaming, and misogyny is in our society.

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