CCPO Lahore In Hot Water Again After His Leaked Audio Abusing A Woman Goes Viral

CCPO Lahore forced leaves

An alleged leaked audio recording of Lahore Capital City Police Officer CCPO Umar Sheikh with a woman is going viral on social media. In the leaked audio, the CCPO could be heard verbally abusing a female complainant. The CCPO hurled abuse at the woman and forbade her from calling him again.

According to a report by a local news channel after the audio been leaked, the woman from Raiwind named Naila Bibi, had contacted CCPO Lahore on phone. She did plead the case of her husband.

According to Naila, her husband got wrongly accused in a fake narcotics case. As she tried to narrate the ‘injustice’, the CCPO abused her for calling him.

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She added that the CCPO lost his patience at her repeated appeals. He used inappropriate language for the woman. As a result, she had to promptly hung up the phone.

The woman also claimed her husband was picked up by a sub-inspector (SI) from their Raiwind residence. In return, the SI demanded Rs 3 million as a bribe for her husband’s safe release.

The woman filed an application against the SI on September 30. Meanwhile, the Lahore SSP discipline and the Saddar SP probed the matter and in their separate reports, declared the allegations of the woman are false.

Meanwhile, CCPO Lahore has called the leak audio another conspiracy against him.

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CCPO Lahore in limelight again after the motorway incident

Ever since the Lahore Motorway incident came into public attention, CCPO Lahore continues to blame the motorway victim again. Amid the investigation and manhunt of rapists, Sheikh cast blame on the victim for reportedly traveling at night through the desolated highway.

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As expected, his remarks sparked a nationwide outcry and the public demanded his removal from the office. Owing to the uproar, Sheikh issued an apology for his statement

In a statement, Sheikh said: “I apologize to the victim woman, and to all sections of society who were saddened or angered by my statement. My intentions were not to hurt anyone. If my statement has led to any misunderstanding, I apologize to the victim and all those angered by it.”

In another incident, CCPO Sheikh issued orders for the detention of the SP Crime Investigation Agency (CIA). According to Dawn, there was a ‘heated argument’ between Sheikh and SP CIA Asim Iftikhar. The debate took place in the meeting in Safe City Authority headquarters. Later on, after the interference of his senior colleagues, Sheikh canceled the arrest orders.

According to sources, the circumstances turned violent when the CCPO lost his equanimity during the gathering. Consequently, he directed SP Civil Lines to lodge a lawsuit against SP Asim Iftikhar under section 155 (C).

Since his posting as the CCPO some two months ago, Sheikh had faced criticism for his insulting behavior towards his officers. A hardworking police officer had recently resigned after CCPO Lahore abused him for speaking ‘English’. What a shame!

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