CBC Lodges FIR Against DHA, Clifton Residents For Protesting Against It After Rain

CBC Lodges FIR Against DHA, Clifton Residents For Protesting Against It After Rain

CBC FIR residents rain

Torrential rains in Karachi had raged havoc throughout Karachi; however, the poshest area of the city ‘DHA and Clifton’, faced the worst of the storm and completely drowned. Now on protesting CBC has lodged FIR against the residents after rain.

From having water entering into people’s homes to 80 hours of no electricity, the residents of DHA and Clifton were left with no support whatsoever. Simultaneously, many had gathered to protest for their rights after facing so much deprivation.

However, despite the peaceful protest, the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) took a rather completely unprofessional and unethical action against the already upset and stressed residents of DHA and Clifton.

CBC lodges FIR against DHA & Clifton protesters

Right after the protest, CBC has now lodged an FIR against the residents for breaking in the CBC office and causing damage to public property.

The minute the news hit social media, people are infuriated with the unethical practice and are calling out CBC for their negligence and poor performance.

Even Jibran Nasir took to his Twitter to share how the CBC is opting for such antics by harassing these residents.

In addition to that, some even mentioned how many people have been charged with Rs.32/unit of their flat, hence, this is exploitation regarding the people who are living in DHA.

Above all, no action has been taken regarding the matter and people are offended with the way CBC has reacted to their protest and appeals.

Sadly though, no response regarding the backlash and residents frustration has come up as of yet. Simultaneously, no official statement has come forward regarding the matter either.

The situation that the people of DHA and Clifton are going through is indeed tragic and brutal. The most posh area of Karachi has become a flooded street of sewage water, dirt and no electricity.

In the end, it is indeed awful to see how CBC is reacting lodging FIR against the residents after rain. This is why we hope that the right action takes place soon. The people of DHA and Clifton were protesting for their basic rights and they need to be provided with accommodation immediately.

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