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Peoples voice – Your Voice – This is the awaam ki awaaz. We talk about those issues that affect all of us. Be it incidents that the media refuses to report or things that you’re afraid to bring forward on your own, we make sure that you don’t go unheard. So this category is full of events that have been undergone by you people or that you’ve undertaken so that they can get the kind of reach that they deserve.

Here’s An Insight Into A Night Devoted To The Celebration Of Korean Culture In Lahore

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Here’s The ‘Manto’ We Need And Not The One We Want

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The Rise Of Cosmetic Dentistry On Pakistan And How It Has Now Become A Trend!

Left on its own, a Rhinoceros would never die. It has no natural enemies, it is not prone to driving… Read More

Here’s Why Ragging Should Not Be Allowed In Any Educational Institute!

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This Pakistani Guy Is Battling A Rare Beemari And Here’s Why He “Doesn’t” Need Your Donations

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Here’s What It Actually Takes To Be Happy And Content In Life

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Sunehri Yaadein At Szabist University Are Here With A Naya Andaaz

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This Girl Shares Why People Fear Failure And It Is Important For You To Know

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This Platform In Karachi Is Letting People Express Themselves And It Is The Best Thing Ever

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[POEM] – Being Pakistani

While on luxury and pampering my money is thrown, In the womb of slums, many of my countrymen are born.… Read More

Here’s What It Actually Means To Be A Social Introvert If You’re Curious!

Okay, so you probably came here thinking. Number one: Isn't this just an oxymoron? Do such people really exist? Number… Read More

[POEM] – Life

Like a shameless flower, Shying at a wedding. You don't have feelings, Just petals. Your love hurts, Then it settles.… Read More

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Here’s Exactly Why Social Media Is A Sad Place To Be!

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A Hand Towards Humanity – This Pakistani Guy Is Taking A Step Forward To Help Needy Families

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This Pakistani Guy Shares His Journey To Egypt And It’s Absolutely Inspiring

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Here’s How Omar Iftikhar’s Latest Book Can Help You In Writing

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar, a writer, columnist, and a digital strategist has recently launched his book, ‘When Words Become a Message”… Read More

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Here’s Why Every Pakistani Should Celebrate Iqbal Day

Allama Iqbal does not require any introduction. Every year on 9 November, Iqbal day is celebrated in Pakistan. Allama Iqbal… Read More

Work Without Love Is Slavery – A Message For All The Employees And Bosses Out There

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Saba Qamar Is Back On The Screen, And Man, We Can’t Wait!

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Here’s How Healthy People Lead To A Healthy Economy

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These 10 People Got Married To The Weirdest Things And Kia Mazaak Hai Ye?!

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This Pakistani Girl Shares Why She Loves Karachi City So Much!

Wherever I go to in Karachi, I just feel relaxed. Despite having Rizenna Raj, people offer seats to the elderly when… Read More

[POEM] – Asia Bibi

I know lifers that never really belonged there Words are taken out of context conjured to make the lies bare… Read More

The Rise Of Drug Usage Is Taking Over Pakistani Youth And Here’s How We Can Stop It

“The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics are wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless… Read More

Here’s Why There’s A Friction In The Interior Design Industry In Pakistan

Pakistan is a diverse country. It’s full-of-life, colors, and faith. Coming from a truck art point of view, which is only apparent in our weddings. In reality, we are in… Read More

Dozakhnama By Rabishankar Bal – A Journey That Will Literally Take You To “HELL”

Dozakhnama is a journey that will literally take you to HELL. It will give you heartbreaks, goosebumps, pain and pleasure… Read More

Umera Ahmed’s ‘Aab-E-Hayat’ – The Biggest Hit In Our Fantasy World

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Khatarnaak’ Smog

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Here’s Why Visiting Tharparkar In November Will Be The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make!

1. The occasion of Solidarity: Every year Mithi, the headquarters of Tharparkar celebrates the festival of light i.e. Diwali. This… Read More

This Guy Shares Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Mental Illness And You’ll Be Surprised!

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Here’s The Importance Of Making Your Child Start Reading At An Early Age

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History Behind The ‘Ulti Basti’ Situated Near Sehwan Is Making Everyone Curious!

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