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This Company’s Thoughtful Gesture During Ramadan Is Putting A Wide Smile On Every Pakistani’s Face!

The holy month of Ramadan is much more than just praying and fasting. It is a month of abstinence and… Read More

Huawei Is Launching A New Operating System After Its License Was Revoked By Google!

Well, not only social media but the main media too got affected owing to the Huawei mobile news. Owing to… Read More

This International Paint Company Is Introducing ‘Green Energy’ To Pakistan For A Sustainable And Safer Environment!

Many of you might have heard the term 'carbon footprint', but are not actually aware of what it means. The… Read More

The Worlds Most Expensive Perfume worth $2 Million dollar, bought by this 17-Year-Old Kid From Dubai!

We all know, in this materialistic world, for many, money matters the most. The charm and attractiveness of money are… Read More

This Pakistani Bed-sheet Company Is Giving You A ‘Free’ King-Size Bed-sheet To Review And Social Media Is Hyped!

The concept of getting freebies in Pakistan has always been celebrated, with national slang slogans such as "jaan jaye, per… Read More

Did You Know These 35 Interesting Facts About Pakistan?

Pakistan, the country that has been formed on the face of the map on August 14, 1947, is a blessing… Read More

Cricket World Cup Winners Who Have Ruled The Game Since 1975!

Ask any cricket lover about their passion for the most reputed, renowned and popular form of one-day cricket. What do… Read More

These New ‘Gender Swap’ And ‘Baby Face’ Filters Are Going Viral Everywhere!

Snapchat is one of the best apps to come out of the 21st century. It is what started the trend… Read More

11 Pakistani Politicians And Their Sick & Slick Rides That Are Worth Millions Of Rupees!

Pakistani politicians might not know how to handle the country but they sure know where to spend the big bucks… Read More

Fasting And Hypertension: Everything You Should Know About It!

Ramadan being the holiest month for the entire Muslim community carries special religious importance. The believers associate it with the… Read More

Benefits Of Ostrich Meat: Why The World Is Ditching Beef And Chicken For It!

God gave us life billion of years ago. With life, he provided us with everything to sustain it from nutrients… Read More

Future Of Tourism In Pakistan: 7 Top Locations The World Should See!

Pakistan is a country that holds diversity in all spheres of life. When it comes to tourism, Pakistan is one… Read More

Paper Plane Pilots From Around The World Are Geared Up For Red Bull Paper Wings 2019 Global Finals!

Year: 2019, material required: a piece of paper and your ingenious skills to keep it up in the air! Red… Read More

All The Benefits Of Working Out While Fasting And How To Do It!

Undoubtedly, all the twelve months comprising the Islamic calendar hold veneration for the Muslims the world over. Yet, the month… Read More

Zodiac Fire Signs: Things You Didn’t Know About Their Personalities!

According to Meta-Physics Zodiacs are the most significant aspect of our lives. Our zodiac affects our lives in the ways we… Read More

Cricket World Cup 2019: Latest Squads, Facts And Everything Else!

Cricket World Cup, which is one of the major international cricket championships, takes place at four-year intervals. It is the premier contest in… Read More

Ramadan Diet Chart: Lose Weight Rapidly And Stay In Shape!

A Ramadan diet chart looks a little like this; foods with trans fat, sugar, saturated fat, low in protein and… Read More

Who Says You Need Internet To Book A Careem? Here Comes “On-Call!”

Karachi, May 16, 2019: Careem Pakistan has announced the launch of “Careem On-Call” which allows customers to use a phone… Read More

Things That Happen In The Pakistani Family Culture You Absolutely Had No Idea About!

Pakistan is a very diverse country. With that diversity, the culture becomes pretty zigzag as well. There are many different… Read More

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Multan – The City That Preserved It’s Cultural Heritage!

Multan is the third most populous city of Pakistan and it’s the oldest ancient city embodied in the traditional values… Read More

These 11 Amazing Tips Will Help You Lead A Happy Stress-Free Life!

Though there is the fact that stress affects our life adversely, we deny conceding that this might be a psychological… Read More

Diabetes And Ramadan 2019: Here’s What Every Patient Needs To Know!

The month of Ramadan is regarded as the most important period of the year for Muslims world over. Ramadan is a… Read More

[Poetry] – The Deer In The Jungle

During the first year of my degree as a journalism student, I made a documentary on harassment as a class project.… Read More

The Influence Of Culture On Decision-Making And How It Controls Us!

Can we control the culture? Can we bring change to the culture? The main reason behind this is to highlight… Read More

Here’s The Quickest And The Easiest Way To Control Your Mood Swings!

Why so glum? Have some chocolate! Yes, you got that right. It sure does sound surreal but trust me, it… Read More

This Heartwarming Pakistani Ad Is Making Every Adult Go Hug Their Mothers And Man, This Is Too Cute!

We all just witnessed Mother's Day celebration are happening all over the world and in Pakistan, people were, too, celebrating… Read More

Best Time To Visit Pakistan For Tourists? Any Month Of The Year!!

The most common search related to any country is the best time to visit. I have done it and you… Read More

Pakistani Showbiz Affairs: Who Dated Who In The Past?

The world of entertainment, undoubtedly, presents to be the most dynamic of all. The only permanent thing found here is… Read More

10 Lessons Of Ramadan For The 1st Ashra Of Blessings And Mercy!

Muslims around the globe observe Ramadan as a month of fasting, commitment, reflection, repentance and generosity. Throughout the hundreds of… Read More

Pakistani Culture Facts: Everything You Need To Know About It!

The culture of Pakistan is widely misrepresented. Whether it is through social media, movies or news. The world doesn't know… Read More

Here Are The Reasons Why The World Loves Pakistani Food Culture!

Pakistan is a country with a lot of different cultures and people. With that brings an amalgamation of wonderful clothing,… Read More

Here Are The 8 Most Common Symptoms Of Jinn Possession!

Muslims accept the existence of the jinn, as it is mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. It is also widely… Read More

Best Travel Vloggers In 2018 Who Promoted Pakistan’s Tourism!

Tourism, by all standards, has been a major foreign exchange earner in more than half the global territories. Global economies… Read More

Cringe-Worthy Ramadan Songs: The “Holy” Music Created For Money By Individuals!

Songs, music and musical instruments are all considered "haraam" (religiously illegal) in Islam and, thus, strictly forbidden. But, did anybody… Read More

TV Anchors Should Help People Like Nasir Khan Jan, Not Degrade Them!

In a matter of less than a decade, social media has overridden the electronic media in a significant fashion. What… Read More

12 Zodiac Sign Personalities And Their Traits That Are Unbelievably True!

There are 12 zodiac signs and each of them has their own traits and personalities. More often than not, these… Read More

Does Umrah Forgive Major Sins? This Is The Answer In The Light Of Islam

Out of the five major pillars of Islam, Hajj or Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Mecca constitutes the 3rd… Read More

Traditions Of Pakistan – Things That Make Us Love Our Culture!

The term "tradition" carries no simple definition. It presents as a word bearing a comprehensive definition, encompassing a society's past,… Read More

10 Pakistani Ramadan Foods That Are Absolute Heaven On Earth!

Ramadan is almost upon us which means a lot of things are going to change in our lives as Muslims… Read More

Pakistanis, Here’s How You Can Win A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Play With Neymar Jr. In Brazil!

Dreams do come true and we have good news for all the die-hard football fans in Pakistan! In Pakistan, football… Read More