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Aquafina’s New Ad Featuring Mahira Khan Is The Epitome Of The Term ‘World Class’ And The Vibes Are Refreshing!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "world class"? Is it a… Read More

Pakistaniyon, Here’s How You Can Get A Chance To Win A FREE PSL Final Ticket!

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the most happening tournaments for Pakistanis! PSL has everyone hooked and by everyone,… Read More

6 Reasons Why HBLPSL Needs To Be Appreciated For Bringing Cricket Home!

Even though Pakistan's official sport is hockey, the fact that cricket is the most famous sport in the country is… Read More

Etihad Airways Shares a Special Moment With Pakistan’s Special Olympics Team And It Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today!

Karachi, Pakistan – Etihad Airways, the official airline partner of Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019, arranged a heartfelt… Read More

Iqra University Welcomes Accomplished International Faculty On-board And This Is Amazing News For Every IU Student!

Iqra University has always strived to impart the best quality education to its students in Pakistan. Having consistently achieved the… Read More

Manhattan International Celebrates 60th Anniversary Of Zafar Ullah Poshni And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Him!

KARACHI - Manhattan International (Pvt.) Ltd., one of the oldest ad agencies of Pakistan, celebrated on Friday, March 1, the… Read More

The Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League Powered By Konnect Is Giving You A Chance To Win Prizes Worth Hundreds Of Thousands!

Pakistan Super League in collaboration with Cricingif has brought Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League powered by Konnect (CHPFL) for the… Read More

This New Drink Has Become The ‘Talk Of The Town’ And It Promises To Make You Roar Like A Lion!

Coca-Cola has been around for quite some time and has assured quality for its customers for as long as we can… Read More

4 ‘Zaroori’ Things Every Pakistani Girl Considers Before Buying A Perfect Lawn Ka Jora!

Summer is almost here and that means revamping your wardrobes with a new collection of summery clothes! Every woman must… Read More

JS Bank Becomes Pakistan’s First Financial Institution To Be Accredited By The Green Climate Fund

Karachi, March 3rd, 2019: JS Bank has become Pakistan’s first financial institution to have been accredited by the Green Climate… Read More

2018 Was The Year Of Celebrity Relationships And The Gossip You Need!

Pakistani celebrities and the gossip that comes from their "secretive" relationships is what keeps the internet and most of Instagram… Read More

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ahad Raza Mir!

Ahad Raza Mir is one the most dapper celebrity of Pakistani industry and there's no doubt that women are gaga… Read More

An Inclusive Art show in Karachi And The Creativity Of These Super-Talented Artists Will Give You Serious FOMO!

Karachi looked beautiful through the creations of nine artists who brought their vision to coolers turning functional cubes of metal… Read More

This Online Store Is Giving Competition To ‘Walk-In Stores’ And Finally, Pakistan Mein Online Shopping Scene On Hai!

Online shopping has become a blessing for many! Although there is no lack of online stores; you just can't rely… Read More

Here’s Why Food In Karachi Is Loved By Everyone!

It is rightly said that there are only three things every one of us needs in life: money, compliments, and… Read More

This Pakistani Girl Shares All The Reasons Why ACCA Is Far Better Than CA!

After completing my A levels, like every other student out there, it was time for me to make the most… Read More

The Dettol Warriors Just Unveiled Their Latest Adventure At The Deaf Reach School And You Need To Check This Out!

[Karachi, February 23rd, 2019] Dettol recently conducted a Story Telling session at the Deaf Reach School, unveiling the latest adventure… Read More

Here’s How Pakistani Parents Can Nurture Their Children In The Best Possible Manner!

Childhood is that period of every human's life that actually leads the rest of life. The way one thinks, the… Read More

Pulwama Terror Attack: India’s ‘Error’ And Self-Imposed Terror!

On Thursday, the 14th of February, 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying Indian troops on the Jammu & Kashmir Srinagar… Read More

Here Are 5 Cute Things You Can Do For Your Loved One To Make Them Feel Special!

While you are with your partner or going to visit your beloved or the two of you are planning a… Read More

The Life Of Aima Baig – Career, Personal Details And Her Journey!

Pakistan is home to a lot of talent but unfortunately, due to the lack of proper platforms, the capable and… Read More

5 Reasons Why Lahooti Melo 2019 Was Out Of This World And You Probably Missed Out On A Lot!

Two days of non-stop live music featuring local as well as international artists, offering an escape like no other while… Read More

These Streamers On Roads Are Asking Pakistanis To Shake That A– And We’re Totally Confused Ke Hilana Kya Hai Bhai?

What is that one thing you usually look for in an advertisement? Is it an emotional attachment? Is it the… Read More

KIA Is Returning To Pakistan With New Vehicles And Finally, It’s The Welcomed-Change Our Roads Needed!

Just when you think you’ve seen the best automobiles that Pakistani roads can have, there comes something astonishing that people… Read More

‘YouTube Pulse Pakistan 2019 ‘ Revealed Some Eye-Opening Insights About YouTube And We’re Absolutely Stunned!

Just a few years ago, access to YouTube was banned in Pakistan which shocked almost shocked every Pakistani. The news… Read More

Careem Was Not On Tinder – Or Was It? People Have Been Left Confused This Valentine’s Day!

You might remember, some time ago, Careem started sending out 'Rishta Aunty' messages to its customers, which confused the living… Read More

We Finally Found Out What Shoaib Akhtar Was Talking About And OMG, This Seems Exciting!

Most of you might know what has been going on on Twitter, but just in case you don't, well, let… Read More

Here’s Your Ultimate 4-Step Guide To A Stress-Free Life!

We are living in a time where every other person you know is depressed or struggling through something in their… Read More

Pakistanis Are Intrigued By Shoaib Akhtar’s Recent Tweet And The Curiosity Is Literally Killing Us!

The internet never ceases to amaze us! Almost every other day, we come across something extremely controversial or something that… Read More

Whether You Are For Or Against Valentine’s Day, This Story Will Make You A Believer!

Valentine’s Day rolls around year after year, and with it comes the annual debate: how haram is Valentine’s Day? Everyone… Read More

This Pakistani Guy Shares How A Perfect Denial Helped Him Get through Depression

"Just a few more days and I’ll be free," is what I told myself when the workload of my studies… Read More

Iqra Uni’s Job Fair and Business Start-up Expo 2019 Is Ready To Make The Students’ Career And Life Brighter!

Iqra University Job Fair & Startup Expo 2019 was held at Iqra University, Main Campus in which more than 300… Read More

This Dulha Gifted His Wife A ‘Handwritten Quran’ As ‘Mahar’ On Their Wedding, Making Their Bond Sacred Forever!

In today's world of consumer-based customization and with an increase in the demand for innovative designs, why should the simple… Read More

A 6-Year-Old’s Life Was Allegedly Taken By A Taxi Driver In Madina Sharif, In Front Of His Mother And It Is Inhumane!

Kids are precious to every parent. Especially the firstborns, they bring happiness to their parents, as to have given birth… Read More

Pakistani Politicians Were Seen Enjoying Snowfall In Murree And Yeh Saare Milke Humko Pagal Bana Rahe Hain!

Since the nation elected their newfound PM, as the majority voted for Imran Khan, he's now ruling not just the nation but… Read More

Who Knows What The Future Holds? Red Bull Futur/Io Invites Creative Minds From Around The Globe To Share Their Desirable Futures

Karachi, Pakistan (February 6, 2018) – Red Bull is proud to announce Red Bull Futur/io, which invites creative minds and… Read More

AR Rahman Just Shut Up All The Indians Who Judged His ‘Niqaabi’ Daughter And Wow, What A Dad!

AR Rahman is a name that is not unheard of if you are a fan of Hindi music. He undoubtedly… Read More

The Rapping Pakistani ‘Deadpool’ Just Hit The Streets Of Lahore And The Awaam Is Going Crazy For Him!

Put on your adult diapers and whip up some chimichangas, because Deadpool's here. The story made us believe that strange… Read More

This Rare Video Of PM Imran Khan And Pakistani Vintage Models Proves What A Stud He Was Back In The Day!

Imran Khan has received enough hate, but not more than the amount of love that he has received till now.… Read More

10 Top Art Schools Of Pakistan That Produce The Most Creative And Hard-Working Artisans!

The ever ruthless combination of Artists and Pakistan - history of the arts and artists in Pakistan goes way back,… Read More