Careem has sparked an Inappropriate Debate on Social Media and everyone is Furious!

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They have done it again! Yes, Careem is sending messages to its customers that reads, “Know any losers?”, what does it mean? What kind of marketing strategies is Careem using?

While some got up to this irregular message, others were stunned that a presumed organization like Careem has made this inquiry. Many individuals took out various explanations for the specialist co-op’s peculiar message. While some are persuaded they have been hacked, given that their current Twitter status isn’t something we’d expect from them; others are calling it another showcasing methodology.

While people are expressing their thoughts on social media this way…


Bas Younhi???

Check another one

They Are Warning The Users!

We are still waiting for Careem’s response and know what’s cooking at Careem’s HQ…

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