Witnessing Challenges And Opportunities Firsthand Careem Leadership Gets On wheels To Deliver Food

As Careem launched its food services in Lahore earlier this year, the colleagues including senior leadership in Lahore took their bikes out for a spin to ride around the city as ‘Food Delivery Captains’.

This initiative was primarily aimed at better understanding the challenges of customers and Captains by physically going on the ground and experiencing the entire journey.

The activity was conducted in partnership with Deily Deli Co, a famous burger joint based in Lahore, with exclusive discounted deals for all Careem customers.

This gave Careem colleagues the opportunity to not just ride around the city and complete food delivery orders as Captains but to interact directly with the customers and restaurants and take their feedback on the service.

They also took pictures to share the experience on social media.

Source: Careem

The initiative was led by Ibrahim Manna, Managing Director of Markets, Careem, Zeeshan Baig, Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan, and numerous other colleagues in Lahore.

This initiative allowed them to connect personally with Careem Customers, dive deeper into the food delivery process, and understand the challenges faced by Captains on a day-to-day basis.

Zeeshan Baig, Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan, was delighted with the overwhelming response from the Customers and said ‘This was a super exciting experience for the team, having to deliver the food directly to the Customers and making sure the delivery was completed within time.

Captains are the heart of Careem and this initiative gave us a deeper understanding of the daily challenges they face. With this, we are one step closer to making lives simpler for our customers as well as for Captains”.

Careem launched its food delivery service in Karachi back in 2019 and in Lahore earlier this year and has onboarded more than 900 restaurants in their delivery portfolio with names like Espresso, PF Changs, Burger Shack, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Tao, Daily Deli CO., Chop Chop Wok, Pie in the sky and Del Frio leading the list.

Careem has more than 800,000 Captains registered on its platform so far and has invested up to $100 million since its inception in Pakistan in 2016.

Transforming into a Super App; Careem offers multiple opportunities as it expands its services from the mobility of people to adding mobility of things as well as mobility of money including food, daily essential deliveries, peer to peer credit transfer and mobile top-ups.

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