This Cab Driver in Karachi Is Winning Hearts after Heroically Saving a Girl from Getting Mugged

Isn’t it absolutely amazing when some people go well beyond our expectations with their efforts in our best interest? You can find the personification of humanity in some of the unimaginable experiences of life you come by. It makes you want to think that humanity still prevails in this cruel world where the only agenda is to hunt or be hunted. Such a paradigm shift is very enlightening and it provokes you to think beyond the normal perspective because literally, our mind is really conditioned by the negativity that our perspectives have entirely regulated to one bias.

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But, as humanity is bound to prevail amid the doom and gloom and fortunately, we get to experience it in its richest form that is the human conduct. Recently, a story of a local cab driver has been going viral for all the right reasons. It is a story of a man who felt obliged to perform his individual conduct as an accountable member of our society.

Read the following story as it is the original account of what happened with the girl who boarded the cab

So, I keep reading stories about bad Careem experiences; I want to share mine too which is possibly one of the most horrifying experiences of my life but due to the help of a kind Careem driver it didn’t cause me any harm. This happened yesterday, while I was going for iftar at SMCHS and requested my Careem captain to stop at an atm as I needed cash. My driver stopped at standard chartered bank at main road on Sindhi Muslim, while I was waiting for the atm to be vacant two men who had the most typical and clichéd mugger looks came out of nowhere, as soon as I registered them, thankfully the guy who was using the atm came out and somehow I sprinted inside the atm booth and locked myself inside. I waited for a while as I didn’t have the courage to come out, then I looked from under the door and saw my driver waiting outside the atm too. The driver had looked like a decent respectable guy so I decided to come out after reciting all the ayats I could remember at that moment, my driver walked side by side to me like an elder brother until I was safe back in the car and then casually said, ‘those guys looked like muggers so I came out, I hope you didn’t mind’. I didn’t mind in fact I was extremely grateful to him for his gesture.

My point is that we are often too quick in pointing out flaws in service providers and don’t take out enough time to thank them for their help and kindness. Maybe this wasn’t a near robbery experience as I’m assuming, but nonetheless this guy took a risk to ensure my safety, that too near iftar timings when most people don’t even bother stopping at signal lights. I really hope, this guy gets rewarded for his kindness. I’m attaching his profile here, so you all know you have a reliable captain if you catch a ride with him.

Umer Owais bhai, zindabad. Pakistan needs people like you. If anyone from Careem is reading this; please please give him some appreciation for how honestly he was carrying out his job and bhai, inko please bonus bhi do for what he did. Issi tarhan appreciate kareinge to yeh services behtar hongi. Koi Careem ka employee ya banda jo yeh parhraha ho, please iss maamle main dekhein aur inko bonus ya kuch token of appreciation dein, thanks!

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The girl attached the following details of her Careem captain:

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By Rabeea Hasan:So I keep reading stories about bad Careem experiences; I want to share mine too which is possibly one…

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Shortly after, MD Careem joined the party as he wrote appreciation and promised a reward for the captain, Umer Owais

Source: Metronome Facebook

Massive respect for the cab driver for being brave and responsible enough to look after the safety and security of his clients. Kudos to the girl and we appreciate her sharing this incredible story with the media. Indeed, such a positive token must always be appreciated and brought out to the notice of the general public. As for the Mr. Umer Owais, he sets a brilliant example for our society to follow and we have nothing but sheer praise for him.

Well, we have always had a great experience with these captains and the cab service. Share your enlightening experience!

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