A Girl Asked Her Cab Driver for an AUX Cable and What He Ends Up Doing Next Is Really Sweet!

The rapid digitization in Pakistan has brought a massive revolution in many sectors. As the use of Internet, smartphone devices and social media continue to grow, opportunities are scaling ahead, comprehending towards providing simple solutions for the course of everyday life. One of the biggest change is brought due to the introduction of ride-hailing services driven by local drivers across major cities of Pakistan. Each driver managing to provide a decent service, assuming responsibility and enjoy a good return on investment is how it goes.

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While Pakistanis always settled for substandard transport services provided by the public sector in the past, the free market jumped in and provided invariable solutions that we continue to enjoy. In a span of 18 months, the accelerating use of ride-hailing services has simplified everyday life for Pakistanis. Apart from enjoying an economical and relatively top-notch service, certain things also remain a distinctive factor about the popularity of these services, henceforth the increased trust by people. We continue to come across many stories where cab drivers go beyond a mile in their work and approach towards their clients. Today we bring you another story when a cab driver carried out an amazing gesture and won us over.

A female passenger asked for an AUX cable during her trip and what the driver manages to do next will literally make your day!

She wrote:

Here’s a review for Careem captain, Muhammad Amin from Karachi. He drives a Grey Alto car. My sisters and I booked a Careem on 11th of July. As we were heading towards our destination, I asked him for an AUX cable. He rummaged up his dashboard in search of the AUX cable.

“Sorry Ma’am AUX nahi hai”, he replied with a slight discomfort on his face. After a couple of minutes, he stopped his car at some shop and told us that he’ll be back in seconds. And guess what? He went there to buy me an aux cable.

That gesture of his literally left me in awe. Moreover, I’ve always shared bad experiences with Careem drivers but this man has restored my faith in your Captains and Careem as a whole. This also conveys us the character of Careem Captains and how far they will go to serve us. A great example of how us Pakistanis can be better than just another negative stereotypes.

She also attached the following details of the Captain:

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Here is the original post of the incident:

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You can’t miss these comments on the post!

They acknowledged the great gesture

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Calibri has some *legend* status now

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You talkin’ to me? – Robert DeNiro, Taxi Driver

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Let’s have a moment for Mr. Muhammad Amin who may have done something little, but it reflects the kind of values he has as a human being. Have you ever come across an extraordinary incident like that? Share your experience.

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