Careem Became Halaal Tinder Today and People Including a Chinese Have a Lot to Say about It

It was all a normal Tuesday when you woke up for work/school/college. You were deciding on your day when you casually just checked your phone. You saw the notification icon on top of your device’s screen and it read, “Careem”. You probably thought another promo code, discount offer or something about Game of Thrones. Turns out, it was totally nothing like you ever expected!

Today, Pakistan’s leading ride-hailing service took a toll on all of the people with a unique campaign. They introduced something no business has ever done before. You know everything about the trend of “Rishta aunties“. The notorious rishta aunty plays a huge role in getting you hitched. Careem just sorted out that for you after introducing this new facility. If you want to know why you got the message today, what this rishta aunty thingy is and what is actually happening? Just click here.

It became the talk of the town as Pakistanis took to the social media…


Here is the Chinese woman we told you about. MY GODDDD, THIS IS THE BEST



Well played, guys. Well played. Careem walay were up to something really cool. What do you guys think about it?

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