Job Offers Start Pouring In For Cannoli Manager Awais After Owners Humiliated Him In Viral Video

cannoli manager awais breaks silence

Owners of the high-end eatery ‘Cannoli Café Soul’ in the capital city on Wednesday gave a dressing down to their manager for his lack of proficiency in English. Just because the two women were bored, they decided to call over the manager to their table and humiliate him as a third person recorded it. Within no time the video went viral, enraging the netizens. Now the Cannoli Manager Awais is getting job offers.

The social stigma attached with the limited Pakistani population that had the privilege of attending English medium schools continues taking pride in the language which is not even theirs. This time, they made yet another man a victim to humiliation merely because of his broken English.

In the video, the women condescendingly ask the manager Awais Altaf to speak a line or two in English. He manages to respond but only for the women to mock and humiliate him for his ‘broken language’.

Here is the video

The women – who introduced themselves as Uzma and Dia – can be seen making classist remarks towards their manager Awais, who apparently has been working for them for the last nine years. On the other hand, the manager may not know English very well, but he certainly has more manners, politeness, and humility than those women.

Meanwhile, people are trying to reach out to the manager in order to help him get out of his toxic workplace, and find a new job.

Awais Altaf gets many offers

Shahbaz Taseer and a few others took it to Twitter to find the manager. In fact, Taseer managed to get in touch with Cannoli Manager Awais and has reportedly made a job offer to him for work at his company.  “Just spoke to Awais. He’s in high spirits and was very professional. We have made him an offer let’s see,” the businessman wrote.

After facing so much criticism online, the official page of the restaurant on Thursday went to offer a clarification. “This video depicts the gup shup between us as a team and is never meant or taken in a hurtful or negative way.”

The response only reeks of how tragically incapable of empathy the owners of the restaurant are.

The English language is seen as a benchmark of supremacy in our society that continues to be mentally slave to the western customs and traditions. People judge others based on the standard of English they speak rather than their skills and hard work. 

There many times when we abashed famous and infamous people for their errors in English fluency. Not only that but we also let them fall prey to malignant cyberbullying. Previously, our people did not even spare a minor girl for trying to speak in English.

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