Cannoli Cafe Introduces New Logo In ‘Urdu’ After Pakistan Lectured Its Owners On Being ‘Angrez’

Cannoli Cafe Logo

Cannoli Café Soul in Islamabad remained in hot water for mocking their manager for his English speaking skills. They have now updated and changed the logo with Urdu typography. Is this their try to calm people down? Well, it seems so.

Islamabad’s restaurant has been under fire after an appalling video went viral on social media. In the video, women owners of the place asked their manager Awais Altaf to speak in English. More so, he managed to respond but only for the women to mocked and humiliated him for his ‘broken language’.

The women – who proudly introduced themselves as Uzma and Dia – can be seen making classist remarks towards their manager. Altaf apparently has been working for them for the last nine years. On the other hand, people lauded Altaf for displaying more manners, politeness, and humility than the women.

Urdu mushaira outside Cannoli

Meanwhile, Pakistanis also even organized an Urdu mushaira outside the cafe, and man, it was hilarious.

The owners of the cafe tried to downplay their problematic viral video as gup shup among colleagues but the undertones of a crucial power dynamic were all too obvious for the cyber citizens to simply let go of. 

More so, the brutal trolling continued as the netizens began mimicking the restaurant owners.

Earlier, Shaniera Akram shared her two cents on the matter and slammed the owners for their insensitivity and inhumane behavior towards their restaurant’s manager. In addition to this, she later challenged them for an ‘English’ competition.

All in all, things have not cooled down yet. In fact, when the owners issued an apology, it only came off as tone-deaf and gaslighting which further enraged the public. Later, manager Altaf also broke his silence on the matter and tried to defend his owners.

Meanwhile, people are trying to reach out to the manager in order to help him get out of his toxic workplace, and find a new job. Many job offers have been pouring in for the victim.

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