This Canadian-Pakistani Punk Rocker Is Showing Pakistan A Whole New Side Of Music!

With talented musicians emerging in Pakistan every now and then, our industry alongside Pakistani music fanatics are wholeheartedly embracing all sorts of music genres. From the extremely rare-to-find rap culture to a whole new era of punk rock, the culture of Pakistani music is evolving. Talking about punk rock, there is one person who vows to bring this “new” culture in the land of Pakistan.

Meet Urvah Khan – A Canadian-Pakistani Defying Odds

Sporting piercings, tattoos, and a Mohawk; Urvah is much more than a punk rock singer who wishes to shape the scope of rock music in our country. Born in Karachi, Urvah faced a number of struggles in her life – including sexual assault. With her journey filled with ups and downs, her aim is to bring Rock music back in Pakistan. Khan is all set to play her part in promoting the name of her birth country.

Brewing in the Canadian lands from 2010, Khan’s determination in bringing Rock culture in Pakistan dates back to 2013. Khan took music lessons in Urdu and learned about the traditional eastern musical composition. With her quest of introducing her music to the Pakistanis, Khan visited Pakistan in 2016. Since then, Khan is trying to introduce the dead culture of Rock music in Pakistan. “It is a love-hate relationship. I’m just here to share my story and music with as many listeners as possible.”

So Badass!!!

Instagram: @Scrappylilbrowngal

Instagram: @Scrappylilbrowngal

Urvah Riding A Bike In The Streets of Karachi

Urvah ran away from her home before she turned 16. As a teen in a whole new place who was experiencing freedom in her life for the first time, domestic issues at her Khan household grew worse day by day. After spending much of her life in Abu Dhabi, Canada was a whole new setting for Urvah. As a result, she ran away from her home and spent years on the streets, which later shaped her into the strong, bold person she is today.

While Urvah was away from home in the search of finding her soul, she converted from Islam to Christianity. Today, Urvah feels that her religious outlooks and perceptions are based on both, Islam and Christianity.

Away From Home For Years, Urvah Still Feels Pretty Connected To Her Motherland

Coming to Pakistan in 2016, Urvah got a tattoo of a star and crescent on her hand for the love of her country.

Instagram: @Urvah Khan

Instagram: @Urvah Khan

“I recently got a crescent and star tattooed on my left hand as a tribute to Pakistan. So every time you see that horn sign going up in the air you see a piece of Pakistan as well.” said Urvah in an interview.

Waited so many years to drink #Pakistani #sugarcanejuice #ganekajuice

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On 14th of January, Urvah Gave Her Debut Performance in Karachi

Jamming with the name of The Scrap Army, Urvah’s aim is to scrap “Rock from the dead”.

With her goal of doing something more for Rock genre in Pakistan, Urvah has big plans for this coming year. We wish Urvah all the best of luck and hope she keeps rockin’ on!



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