Camon 18 Premier To All Set To Launch With Gimbal Camera System, 60x Hyper Zoom, And AMOLED Screen

Tecno Camon 18

TECNO has been pushing the boundaries of the smartphone industry with the release of incredible devices with the best hardware and software features with Camon 18 being the next.

After many successful releases this year, the brand is all set to launch its Camon 18 series, including three devices – Camon 18 premier, Camon 18t, and Camon 18p.

Many details about the Camon 18 premier have not been disclosed yet, but we do know that this phone will come with high-quality features like the gimbal camera system, 60x hyper zoom, and AMOLED screen.

Gimbal Camera System:

The Camon series comes with TAIVOS camera technology to give users the best photography experience. With the Gimbal Camera System, the Camon 18 premier will surely surpass all the previous smartphones in this series as it offers enhanced stability for videography.

With the 3D lens movement, the gimbal camera system makes sure videos do not come out blurry or shaky, even when you’re on the move. The Gimbal helps you capture Ultra-Stable videos to enhance your videography experience.

60x Hyper Zoom:

The Camon 18 premier offers a 60x Hyper Zoom, also called the moon shot, along with the gimbal camera system. This zoom feature means you don’t have to take your professional camera with you everywhere.

Without moving from your place, the 60x hyper zoom will let you take zoomed-in pictures of anything you want.

Paired with the gimbal, this feature will take anti-shaky zoomed-in photos for a unique photography experience. That means now you can forget the blurry pixelated zoomed-in pictures.

AMOLED Screen:

Catering to this increasing demand for a smooth user experience, TECNO has included an AMOLED screen in the Camon 18 premier.

This will maximize the user’s visual satisfaction through high-quality full HD resolution. This amazing display is paired with a 120Hz touch sampling rate to bring you the best browsing, scrolling, and gaming experience without a lag.

Source: Tecno

The Camon 18 series is currently being highly anticipated by young TECNO fans who cannot wait to get their hands on it, as it will undoubtedly be loaded with exceptional features.

To keep yourself updated on the Camon 18 Premier’s upcoming release, follow TECNO across all social media platforms because there’s a lot to come!

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