Pakistanis Are Having a Good Laugh After ‘Calibri’ Font Becomes the Center of the Panama Leaks Fiasco

Yesterday, the highlight of the day remained the verdict by JIT investigating the Sharif family over the infamous Panama Leaks case. For months, the case was dragged and followed inconclusive results, keeping the entire Pakistani nation tied to an undesirable standpoint over the corruption case. However, as it gradually progressed amid all controversies and its delicate nature and now the case is finally coming to a better conclusion.

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JIT brands Sharif family guilty of all the charges against them, however, they blatantly rejected the verdict. In proof, JIT produced an element that is going to sound ridiculous to you. It did, the matter of being proven guilty or non-guilty has narrowed down to a Microsoft default “font”. Yes guys, as if this whole Panama leaks fiasco could not be any more ridiculous!

Here is what JIT claimed about the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz

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The declaration documents of offshore companies, Nielsen and Nescoll Ltd. from 2006 are actually written in a font (Calibri) that was not even made commercially available until 2007. LET THAT SINK IN!

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There are fails, there are bad fails and then there are epic fails!

The Sharif family has played every card in their deck to contest the allegations against them. However, they seem to be dragged under the whole mist and this epidemic by their own hands. JIT managed to investigate the authenticity of the documents produced by Maryam Nawaz in court and provided a further claimed over the font the documents were written in.

And as of course, Pakistanis unleashed their insane reactions over it!

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Who imagined the whole corruption case could be dragged along such lines? It’s beyond ridiculous what have we come to. As if all the other evidence does not stand with any sort of accountability. But, let it be if it takes what it takes…

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