This Cafe in Lahore Gives Discount to People on their Physical Attributes and it Doesn't Seem Okay

This Cafe in Lahore Gives Discount to People on their Physical Attributes and it Doesn’t Seem Okay

When it comes to dining in Lahore, the Lahoris sure know how to do it well. You’ll find a cafe, restaurant or even a dhabba situated in every corner of this city. Lahoris are the ultimate foodies – no wonder why you’ll see a new eat out being inaugurated here every now and then.

Given so, the competition here is also always on the run. In every locality area of Lahore, there’s a road filled with different eatery options. Essentially, the eateries then try to utilize their marketing resources to get some heads turning their way.

While Social Media Marketing now Plays a Crucial Role, Seems Like this One Eatery Didn’t Know the Right Way of Working their Way Around It

Here’s the post they made:

The Cafe then Try to Make Up for it By Stating that They Will Make More of Such Options and Stated that they Did Not Mean to Create an Inferiority Bubble

You may have often seen how places in Lahore specifically offer ‘Discounts if your name is ABC or XYZ’ and in a similar manner, this particular place has targetted the physical attribute. People having dimples on both their cheeks will avail 50% discounts.

The Consumers Were not Pleased to Read this

Makes Complete Sense

Here’s the link to the post made by the cafe:

Marketing plays a very important in attracting people from different walks of life. However, it is essentially important for brands to be ethical towards the norms. Discriminating in such a manner instills all sorts of negative patterns which we shouldn’t encourage in our society, especially when it comes to physical appearances. 

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