This Cab Service Gave a Pakistani Couple One of the Most Unexpected Surprises for their Wedding

Marriage – one of the most beautiful bonds witnessed by those who are soaked in the love of one another. The union of two souls, the union of two families – a union to be celebrated. Such is the momentum of this couple who are soon to be married.

Meet Adeeqa and Karim – Soon to Be Getting Married!

The groom’s name rings a bell, doesn’t it?

While their soon-to-be-wedding is giving them all the goosebumps and joyous feelings, something amazing happened and can be definitely called as one of the best wedding gifts ever to be witnessed!

Local Cab Service, Careem, Decided to Jump on the Bandwagon and Gave the Couple an Amazing Gift!

Twitter: Adeeqa Lalwani

Given how the groom’s name is Karim, Adeeqa once mentioned it on Twitter, and Careem decided to give them an amazing pre-wedding gift.

And Just See how Careem Volunteered to be a Part of the Wedding!

Careem Made a Special Promo-Code for the Wedding As Well

Guests invited to the wedding can use the promo-code #AdeeqaKarim to reach the venue while availing discounts.

And Of Course, the Bride is SUPER Excited!

For all the right reasons! Careem even gave out rs. 10,000 free credit to the bride AND to the groom for their wedding-traveling-expenses.

While talking to Parhlo, Adeeqa shared how Careem has also made arrangements for the Barat car.

Adeeqa and Careem…oh sorry, the groom Karim (hehe) met two years ago and instantly felt the connection between them. With a spark so unusual, yet so lovely, the two are now tying the knot this year!

While Adeeqa is heading PR and Business Development at Digitz, Karim is an Associate Director Digital Marketing at Standard Chartered. Even their professions align well.

Safe to say, Karim would be Careeming to Adeeqa’s heart on their wedding.

May God bless the couple with the best on their journey, Ameen!

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