A Cab Driver in Lahore Is Winning Praises after an Incident Revealed His Honesty

Honesty is a monumental facet, one that is incomparable to all the wealth in this world. It is always a rewarding trait and can only be found among the wisest of people. On any day, you may come across certain incidents that leave a deep mark of influence on you. It happens to all of us and it is the way of life teaching us of certain values.

A guy was having a normal day when he boarded a private cab and was on his way. As usual, he had a little chat with the driver and it all seemed normal. A conversation is always likely to unfold and through the short-termed trip, you get to know another person and another life story. All that happened to this guy in Lahore and he was touched by the experience. He shared an account of the experience and it is incredibly enlightening. Read the following thread in his words:

My faith in my country and in the honest people that exist in it has been reaffirmed by meeting this ordinary man. Mohammad Asif, a Careem Captain, drives and struggles all day and night to make ends meet, provide for his family and fights both financially & emotionally for his five-year-old son’s leukemia treatment. All of this I found out during my 20 min. ride from Gulberg to Model Town.

Source: Facebook

As careless as I am, I left my wallet in his car and at the same time my phone ran out of battery. For the next couple of hours, I was playing cricket oblivious of the fact that I was without my phone and wallet. In the meanwhile, Mr. Asif had tried contacting me once he discovered my wallet in his car upon reaching home at the end of his duty.

Source: Facebook

Finally, when I switched my phone on I received his messages and called him. Although he did not answer, but called back himself and told me that he’s up and waiting for me to collect my wallet. My friend, Mohammad Omar Shahid and I went to collect it from his place.

I promised to help him out with regards to his son’s treatment. It would be great if all of you can help me connect him with people at any hospital or anyone who could be of help to this honest man (who I can vouch for).

Source: Facebook

Do share this post to show the world that Pakistan is home to many poor people with rich hearts. There is more to us than the Calibri font and Panama leaks! I love you Pakistan with all my heart.


This driver’s honesty is simply incredible. It’s worth all praises and we simply can’t say more about what a great value of character he possesses. Stories like these continue to inspire and project a positive of our society. He also sets a great example out there and intends to extend the lesson to as many people out there.

Since you noticed he is in need of help. Not that he asked but it would be very kind of people to help him in some way.

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