Inappropriate Messages Alert! Famous Riding App Bykea Got Hacked Once Again

Bykea App Hacked

Bykea app hacked once again, a lot of customers have found out that the famous riding app in Pakistan just got into the worst situation.

Customers started receiving inappropriate notifications within half an hour of the malicious attack by the hackers.

bykea app hacked
Source: Phone World

We also discovered this scenario when we opened the app and received an abusive notification. But apart from inappropriate notification, what’s dangerous is the personal data of all the Pakistani citizens that are stored in the app.

Right now, it’s the top trending news on Twitter, people are sharing the screenshots and expressing their concerns.

Bykea App Hacked Once Again

Customers didn’t only receive the notification, but also the same message appear on the smartphone app as well.

Bykea’s main website, however, remained unscathed and the app is no longer showing any malicious messages.

As per the expert analysis, “this hack was likely targeted at Bykea’s marketing comms tools, which are responsible for sending push notifications to consumers. This is usually a third-party product.”

The wording clearly gives us the signal that it’s from our neighbor country India, but not sure enough.

Source: Aaj English TV

Users shared screenshots of the messages they received. Some users receive an entirely different message where the hacker can be seen asking them if is it still hacked.

Response From Bykea

Bykea has responded and apologized to their precious customers. Bykea wrote, “We apologize for the inappropriate messaging sent through Bykea. We can confirm that this was the third-party communication tool that got compromised.


Our team has restored it, Bykea app is fully functional and safe to use it.”

No doubt, Bykea is one of the most famous and used riding apps in Pakistan. Currently, over two hundred thousand motorbike owners have installed the partner app, connecting with more than two million users in Karachi, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and Lahore.

Earlier this year, Pakistan Cricket Board Youtube channel was hacked, which became big headline news. In this generation apps getting hacked is considered as the biggest fear for the tech giants.

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