Bushra Maneka Opens Up About Her Hijab But Twitteratis Have Mixed Opinions On What She Said

Yesterday, the First Lady of Pakistan, Bushra Imran’s first interview on-aired from HUM TV. She was interviewed by a renowned Pakistani journalist, Nadeem Malik, in his famous TV show, Nadeem Malik Live. Bushra Bibi unveiled several things about Imran Khan and her own personal life, and she also cleared up controversies regarding herself.

In the interview, Bushra Bibi told Nadeem Malik that Pakistan is fortunate to have Imran Khan as its Prime Minister. “Quaide Azam was a leader. Khan Sahab is a leader, and in the current era, only Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a leader. The rest of the people are just politicians,” she added.

Speaking about her transition from a religious guide to the First lady of Pakistan, Bushra Bibi said, “In the past, people used to come to me to get close to Allah and now they come to get close to Khan Sahab”


She also said that I helped Imran Khan in getting him closer to Allah and Khan Sahab taught me how to get closer to Allah by serving and loving His creation.

In a 43-minutes long interview, people emphasized the part when she talked about hijab. Bushra Bibi almost gave a shut up call to those who mocked her hijab. She said that we are living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but it is miserable for her to see how we are making fun of ‘hijab’. “Parde Ka Taluq Meri Zaat Or Mere Rabb Se Hai, Usme Kisi Ko Kuch Kehne Ki Zaroorat Nae!”, Bushra Bibi added.

See the complete video here.

After giving a clear statement on her hijab, Bushra Bibi was appreciated and ridiculed at the same time by Twitteratis.

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