Imran Khan’s Wife Bushra Maneka Congratulates the Nation On the Decision They’ve Made!

Imran Khan sweeps clean and claims victory as he comes forward and shares how proud he is of Pakistan for choosing him and his party. His promise of delivering the Naya Pakistan can finally come true now that he is in power.

Previously, various videos of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi went viral. These videos revealed the spiritual activities the couple was seen engaged in by visiting mazars. The couple also performed Umrah together and many believe that Bushra bibi is on the path to spiritually cleanse Khan. Even in Khan’s speech, he mentioned how we need to move forward from the past and focus on what’s coming next.

The Opposition Did, However, Make Fun of Bushra Bibi and her Practices

While the Opposition Mocks Bushra Bibi and her Practices, The First Lady of Pakistan Had Other Things to Focus On When Imran Khan Claimed Victorious!

According to Daily Pakistan, Bushra Maneka congratulated the country and mentioned how Allah has blessed Pakistan with a leader who will look after it. She also congratulated orphans, widows and oppressed women while giving hope to them. The wife of our upcoming prime minister mentioned how Imran Khan will protect them.

“Today, Allah Almighty has provided you with a leader who would take good care of you. Your leader would shield you”, as quoted by Daily Pakistan.

Well, these are indeed important pointers given how Bushra Maneka remembered about our women, which many politicians do not care about and law and order has proved it.

Here’s to hoping that this country will give better chances and freedom to our oppressed and women in general, just as Bushra Bibi said.

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