WATCH: Bushra Ansari Jogs The Memory Of Netizens As She Sings ‘Dubai Janay Walay’

Dubai Janay Walay

Seeing Bushra Ansari sing ‘Dubai Janay Walay‘ from 1978’s comedy Fifty Fifty sparked an unexpected reaction over the weekend. It reminded Pakistani netizens of their uncles and aunts who used to bring them gifts from abroad when they were young.

When we sit back and go down memory lane, we can recall many tv dramas and shows from the golden era of PTV that were a huge hit and are still a treat to watch.

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The actor took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a clip of herself singing the song that was featured in her show 44 years earlier. At the end of the video, she asked followers if they remembered anything after hearing her sing ‘Dubai Janay Walay‘. 

Bohat arsy pehly mera gaya hua yeh geet ap logon ko yaad hoga. Muteheda Arab amarat say hamara rishta aj bhi utna he sacha aur piara hay,” read the caption.

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The video ended up jogging the memories of many on Twitter as they shared stories of relatives who went abroad and got presents.

Video receives a wholesome reaction from netizens

One user was reminded of her sister-in-law, who used to bring her souvenirs from abroad.

It stirred the feelings of another user who lived in the UAE.

One user used the lyrics of the song to tease a friend who was moving to Dubai.

Another thought she lip-synced to the song — though it seems to us as if Ansari is singing in her video.

The song brought back “pleasant memories” for one user.

Into the bargain, another user shared a side-by-side clip from the drama and Ansari’s latest video, calling it the “golden era”.

For most users, the song brought with it a lot of nostalgia and good memories.

Fifty Fifty was a satirical show released in 1978 that starred many actors who have passed away, including Durdana Butt, Majid Jahangir, and Umer Shareef.

In the early days of PTV, drama serials were appreciated in Pakistan and their quality content was cherished across the border as well. There is no doubt that the golden era of PTV is still a favorite.

By the way, if you were a fan of the hit drama serial Dhoop Kinare (1987) starring Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan, you probably adored Dr. Zoya Ali Khan’s aka Khan’s childhood best friend Anji as well. Well, some people found the long-lost actress Kehkashan Awan aka Anji on Twitter, and they were over the moon to interact with her!

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