This New TVC Featuring Bushra Ansari as “Dadi Cool” Showcases How You Are Never Too Old

Rebuilding the image of the old “Dadi”, here is Bushra Ansari in a new TVC as “Dadi Cool” inspired by Daddy cool proving that age is just a number and you are never too old to let yourself enjoy and have the time of your life. The TVC is going viral on social media and it shows how Bushra Ansari is having the time of her life!

The idea brought to the table is women empowerment. Bashing women in our society is very easy. Women in our society are always disparaged for proving themselves better than men. However, through this TVC, Bushra Ansari proves that Dil Toh Bacha Hai in the coolest way, ever!

Here’s the TVC where Bushra Ansari stars as ‘Dadi Cool’. Have a look!

Social media always tends to have a strong opinion about things. Have a look at these tweets that bashed the legendary actress for portraying the idea of ‘Age is just a number”.

Oh, please!!!!

Bushra Ansari looks ever-so-young and adorable in the TVC breaking all the stereotypes of the old-style Dadis who always complain about pain and other nitty-gritty. We come from such a nation where our leader portrayed a great idea which said: “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you”. This intention of our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah shows the power of women in society. But here we are, living in the world of men who never miss a chance to belittle women out there.

If there was a man playing a “Dada cool” in the TVC, people would have been appreciating him with defensive-asserts like: “Budha hoga tera baap”. People always appreciate men on everything but never appreciate a woman when she portrays herself stronger, despite the fact that they are equally important in our society.

The mindset of our society is that women should only cook food, bring up the kids and turn the house into a home paying little no attention to what women want! But while a majority of people were bashing Bushra Ansari for playing Dadi cool, others absolutely adored the TVC, appreciating Waves for coming up with the idea of ‘a cool Dadi’.

The Inspired Audience, Yeah we Gotcha!!!

But wait, we’re not complaining and love to see people do as they please without social judgment and restrictions! Why should young people or men have all the fun?

Here’s what Bushra Ansari has to say about all the taunts for her acting and dancing at this age even after having grandchildren. The veteran actress is seemed to be dressed really well in a very sophisticated way answering to those who bashed her.

Have a look at the video:

The latest Waves TVC encompasses women empowerment, proving the perception of “why should boys have all the fun” absolutely wrong, with Bushra Ansari playing ‘Dadi Cool’; showcasing the terrific new Waves Digital Triplet Deep-Freezer which makes every day of your life easier, and a little fresher than before!

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