Burning Desires: The Power of Surrender

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Why is it that our desires/needs (more like unnecessary wants) are consuming us every single second of our life? Why is it that there is a competition of being better than others not in some productive sense but in appearance, status and everything else that should not matter. Things that are way too secondary to what we should give priority to. It has been so long since I last saw someone who was content with what they have.

Life has been turned in to a meaningless existence. We go to every possible extent to fulfill our desires that we forget if what we are doing is right or wrong. Lost sense of wrong and right is what is dangerous for us. People these days are so busy to up their standards of living that all they care about is making money.

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They turn themselves into money making machines and during this endless journey, they forget to live! So many of the precious moments of life are lost, we leave behind a lot of people who matter to us in this ongoing race of fulfillment of our desires.

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Stop and think for a while. Is all this actually worth our time? We can never get satisfaction or happiness by these means. These feelings come in the most unexpected ways in such small and simple things that you will be shocked. Small things have the biggest impact on our lives. It’s not at all bad to fulfill your desires at times but there is a certain way of doing so.

Surrendering your life to them is not a wise thing to do. It will consume you just like fire consumes the wood and you will be left with nothing. It will then be hard to even recognize yourself. So let there be a balance, live instead of being a machine and just existing. Life is way too precious than all this.

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