This ‘Burger’ Girl Explains How Difficult It Is To Travel Alone

Traveling in public transport is becoming quite a norm now. With the increase of different means of public transportation increasing day by day, it is becoming easier for people to travel around the city. However, one thing that ‘bothers’ burger bachay regarding public transport is that it is “public”.

Given how all sorts of people travel in local buses like Metro, a lot of people avoid traveling through such means because…they just can’t.

Breaking the trend in her own way, Sameyia Saeed decided to travel from Metro by giving us all extremely serious lessons to keep in mind.

She starts of by telling us the lessons her mother gave:

Lesson Number 1: “Do No Travel With Your Wallet On Metro”

Because of pickpockets? Might be true. And you have to be safe so…I agree with your mother!

Lessons Number 2: “Keep Your Most Important Weapon – Your Duppata With You”

The way Sameyia explains her mother’s point is absolutely hilarious.

Lesson Number 3: “Jitni changri lag skti hu lago”

Wouldn’t say changri but Sameyia did keep herself extremely simple. Regardless, Punjabi College k Punjabians couldn’t stop staring her… ????????????

So when she finally travels in Metro, she shares how it is perfectly fine for women to use public transportation. She highlights how women are strong enough to empower themselves without raising any fight for it. She mentions how it is every woman’s capacity to do whatever she strives to do.

Parhlo also got a chance to talk to Sameyia and here’s what she added:

“All i will say about this is that it was not difficult for me to travel like this. People might have different experience only hurdle I faced was the rush… And girls should NOT stop for anything and they should not be scared of anything. People scare you when you show your weaknesses to them.”

As someone who’s traveled a lot on public transports, I agree with Sameyia. We need be prepared of all sorts of hurdles in life. While things may seem easy now, tables can turn any second and vice versa.

In a lighter tone, Sameyia explained to us a lot of things we need to keep in mind. You go girl!

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