Saira Awaits Justice Against Ex-Bureaucrat Family For Domestic Abuse

Saira Awaits Justice Against Ex-Bureaucrat Family For Severe Domestic Abuse

Justice for saira

Saira Sadozai, a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing (PIFD), has recorded a statement against her in-laws for domestic abuse. The family of ex-bureaucrat Dost Muhammad Khan had been physically and mentally torturing Sadozaifor days.

The woman said she was married to his son Bilal Muhammad Khan for the past 2.5 years. During the entire period, she had been subjected to severe domestic violence.

Sadozai said the entire family including her brother-in-law, father-in-law, and mother-in-law used to mentally and physically abuse her. Recently, according to Sadozai, they even tried to abort her baby.

“They hit my lower body. Both the brothers hit me badly. My mother-in-law and father-in-law encouraged them to do so. I tried to contact my parents for help who then inform the police (since they live in another city). Immediately after that, they took away my phone and again, physically abuse me. They threw me out of the house before the police came to my rescue,” she said.

Sadozai filed an FIR against her in-laws but no action was taken against them. She now wants the government to help her and arrest the culprits.

“They are inside their house, and the house is locked from outside. I want to request the [Punjab] government to put these culprits behind bars so that no other woman faces such cruel act by their in-laws”.

PIFD Graduate , fashion designer Saira Sadozai faces domestic violence while she was pregnant –

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Domestic Abuse in Pakistan

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem in the world, including Pakistan. An estimate of about 70% to 90% of women have been through some sort of violence at the hands of their husbands or In-law.

Every few days we hear about the domestic abuse cases. Recently, actor-singer Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of domestic abuse by his wife Fatima Abbas. She posted a message on Facebook talking about the abuse that he let her through. Moreover, Fatima said she was pregnant at the time and feared for her unborn child’s safety while withstanding the constant domestic abuse by Mohsin. It became a public issue at that time.

However, no significant action was taken against Mohsin. Fatima, however, got the divorce and custody of her child. Sadly, the actor conveniently got out of the case and is still working in the industry.

Most recently, a case of domestic violence occurred in Islamabad when a woman, Zoobia Zahra Khan, was brutally attacked by her husband Muhammad Saim Bin Saeed. Their relationship started with love and culminated in extreme violence.

Domestic abuse doesn’t just mean hitting your significant other and causing physical pain. Domestic abuse also envelops intangible issues like verbal and emotional abuse. These actions not only have an effect on the women but also have deep psychological impacts on the children as well.


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