Jaipur Traffic Police Took a dig At Bumrah’s CT 17 No Ball and he is Not Amused

No balls can be very costly at times and there was one costly no ball that arguably cost India the Champions Trophy. It was bowled by Jasprit Bumrah, an Indian pacer with the unusual bowling action whose name reminds you of Mission Kashmir for obvious reasons. It was quite unlucky for him as he got Fakhar Zaman out on that delivery but it was a no ball. Fakhar was called back and then went on to score a century, helping Pakistan to win the final.

source: ndtv sports

Who would have thought that this no ball could be the unluckiest no ball ever? You get a batsman out, it’s a no ball, he comes back and thrashes you all over the park and makes a century that leads his team to victory. Must be the worst feeling for a bowler. But this wasn’t the end. Jasprit Bumrah was trolled by Jaipur traffic police in a very creatively humorous manner.

Here is what Jaipur Police put up in the city.

source: @Jaspritbumrah93

The hoarding says, “DON’T CROSS THE LINE YOU KNOW IT CAN BE COSTLY.” The pun was intended, and it offended Bumrah really bad. He couldn’t keep his cool and tweeted Jaipur police.

He was hurt.

Well, you gotta give 10/10 to Jaipur Police for the creativity but then feel for this guy too. It was not entirely his fault but the man needs to learn how to take a joke.

And he got all senti.

Very good Bumrah, we are proud of you.

Jaipur police responded.

They said that their intention was not to hurt his sentiments.

Even the Indians stood with them.

But Bumrah was obviously kind of mad at what they did. It was great humor only used to create awareness in a funny manner.

Because obviously crossing the line IS costly.

And oh, Faisalabad police did the same.

So Bumrah needs to chill and move on.

This one’s for you Bumrah!

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