Crazy Mob Brutally Killed A Raptor In Punjab, Others Just Enjoyed

Pakistan Pigeon Fanciers Community Brutally Kill A Raptor in Punjab

The fact can’t be denied that Wildlife is certainly an essential part of the Earth’s ecosystem. Various organizations, local and global, have been trying hard toiling to protect the wildlife from animal cruelty in Pakistan. However, some people in Pakistan mercilessly torture an animal for no relevant reason.

In a recent video tweeted by ‘Save the Wild Pakistan’, a raptor was seen as being subjected to extreme torture. The exact location of the video is not known and the attackers are being traced.

A raptor mercilessly killed in Punjab

A tweet by Save the wild stated, “Extreme Animal Cruelty #Pakistan‘s pigeon fanciers community continues in their quest to exterminate the country’s raptors. In the latest video to emerge from #punjab, this bird is being subjected to extreme torture. @PunjabWildlife your complacency is the reason this bird has suffered at the hands of these barbarians, if you had dealt with previously reported cases, it might have stopped them!

There is still time to make it right. Find these men & others previously reported and put them behind bars if you are serious about protecting #wildlife.

We do not have the exact location but if the video is circulated among staff and the public in every district, locating them shouldn’t be a problem. We request everyone to kindly retweet this thread in the hope somebody somewhere knows these men and will come forward.”

Recurring wildlife cruelty incidents in Pakistan

This is not the first incident of wildlife cruelty in Pakistan. A few days ago, a man named Sajid, along with his friends had killed hundreds of sparrows in Kulachi Tehsil of Dera Ismail Khan. The news about the massacre broke out in a tweet that showed hundreds of sparrows killed by a group of men. They posed in front of the dead sparrows shamelessly and the images became viral. 

After a social media uproar, the man that killed the sparrows has now been arrested for his cruel act. They have also imposed a fine of Rs 1.15k on him.

Source: Twitter

In March 2020, a video by ‘Save the Wild’ also showed that an unknown man mercilessly killed a velociraptor in Punjab. However, the Punjab wildlife department failed to capture the raptor slayer as he went on his spree of killing more within the country.

Such incidents illustrate the violent nature of some human beings. As a result, the government of Pakistan should create rules and regulations to stop such incidents from happening in the future. Only then we can preserve wildlife in Pakistan.

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