Pakistani Students Revamped Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk And You Need To See It

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The record-breaking song ‘Uptown funk’ sung by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars recently hit 2 billion views on YouTube. Wow! Now, this is some achievement. If you’ve listened to it and were mesmerized by its jazzy moves done by the artists then you’ll absolutely love the performance done by these Pakistani students.

It’s a University Project directed by Saad Ayub starring Hafsa Haq and Mufti brothers. The video starts with a girl walking, wearing a blue coat with her sleekest hair swaying away with the wind.

The Mufti brothers are there staring at her in their ‘Pakistani’ style and as soon as you think that this is merely those videos with fake captions then wait… you’ve gotta see this through!

When the first beat of the song hits and as soon as their feet hit the ground, one gets to witness a fun revamping ride of this song. The boys have shown some great moves and are dressed pretty decently in accordance with the song.

The girl Hafsa is not dancing here though but she has already taken attention of her viewers with her expressions and looks. And well, we gotta love this video’s art direction and cinematography; I mean, the way it is made is pretty cool! These Pakistani students have shown that they’ve got moves and they have got what it takes to show that we’re not less than anyone in anything.

Be it acting, dancing and filming. With the Pakistani film industry reaching the horizons of success after the revival of Pakistani cinema, more and more talent is there to be seen flourishing our industry. And this video will make you believe that there’s more to Pakistani talent and cinema than we’ve thought.

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