Insane Habits Of A Person Whose Browsing History Might Be Questionable

7 Insane Habits Of A Person Whose Browsing History Might Be Questionable

Some men just want to watch the world burn.– Alfred to Bruce Wayne

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Today is the day that this statement applies to me. Today is the day I simply spill the beans and expose some contemporary reality about a sensitive subject that you might have already understood by now.

Yes, I am talking about all those people who watch porn and do, you know what… 9 out of 10 people are like that, unfortunately, and they do not even deny it. I do not intend to judge them. I am just letting you know some information so that you look at the relatable person not the same way anymore.

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Yes, we want you to look at the person with that strange and mischievous look after you observe some particular traits in their habits. I am being unapologetically munphatt today and I urge you to just laugh it off.

So, guys, enough of the talk… Let’s begin with highlighting the ways you can spot a person around you whose browsing history might just be questionable.

*Plot twist: it could be even you.*

1. They keep these 2 things all year long on their bedside table

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What do you even do with all that lotion and tissue papers?

2. They have VPN applications or extensions installed in their phones

There you are… Caught red handed!

3. They might never let you use their phone

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This applies in another context where people might just don’t want to let you know their other secrets. But this one’s definitely true for some people…

4. If somebody asks for their phone, they hurriedly do something in a minute on their phone

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*Clears browsing data* 

5. They spend an excess amount of time sitting in a far corner with all the lights out

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…and when you surprise them, it nearly gives them a heart attack. They even start sweating like they were digging up a hole in the earth.

6. …and while they’re using their device, they’ll always be facing the door or walkways

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*shots fired*

7. They run out of toilet paper quickly…

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Where has all the toilet paper you bought gone?

Well, there you have it… Now you can spot the person whose habits are a little questionable. The bigger question is, how relatable is it to you?

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