Brown Diamond Jewelry and It’s Rising Popularity!

brown diamond jewelry

Diamonds have always been a craze but their expensive nature keeps everyone away. Well, of course not celebrities. Clear diamonds are the only variety of diamond that people are familiar with but are you ready to hear about the unknown diamond? These are the Chocolate Diamonds or more specifically Brown Diamonds. And brown diamond jewelry is next-level expensive.



Once J-Lo, a renowned American celebrity, wore brown diamond jewelry, precisely they were chocolate diamond earrings and the whole set cost above $16000. These diamonds did not have any worth beforehand but now suddenly you will find everyone flaunting them on the red carpet. Why is that?

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The Reason Brown Diamonds Are Expensive:

There are specific reasons responsible for a diamonds color. It is either the way it was formed or another material added into its mix. This is why there are countless color variants of diamonds. The brown diamonds were previously undesired; probably because they were not up-to the mark as the other ones. This is why they were cheap. Now, can you believe purchasing chocolate diamond earrings for thousands of dollars?

brown diamond jewelry

Source: Kayoutlet

However, there are brown diamonds, in a lesser percentage, that are better and rarer than the normal crystal ones. This is what Le-Vian sells. He actually gave importance to the image and desirability of these diamonds to market them as expensive jewelry. He mentions that the brown diamonds he markets are called Chocolate Diamonds, which are of a high quality and possess a prominent color. If it were not for him, chocolate or brown diamonds would not have gained their popularity.

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According to an interview with Eddie LeVian, the CEO of the Le Vian Corp, he talks about the idea behind selling these brown diamonds and why calling them chocolate diamonds was catering to people that appreciate chocolate. He said, “The name of Chocolate many people think, “Oh, yeah because these are brown, so they put chocolate,” but the reality was there was a friend of mine, Bill Furman, who used to come every day after work and visit me, and he would always bring me artisan chocolates, and he would always talk about the special powers of chocolate, how it’s health benefits, how it’s an aphrodisiac, and I started to understand how chocoholics are passionate to the food chocolate. And so when we did the branding of Chocolate Diamonds, we really intended to tie in to the passion that people have, the obsession that people have to the food chocolate”

brown diamond jewelry

Source: Le Vian



People do not understand the high prices for brown diamond jewelry, though. The brown diamond is the most commonly found diamond on Earth. They were used for mining and industrial purposes just years ago but are now a fashion symbol.

Colored Stones Are More In Appreciation Than Their Clear Counterparts:

brown diamond jewelry

Source: Asteriadiamonds

The colored stones have a history of respect. They constitute an important part of Roman history. Moreover, they were always a symbol for wealth and power. However, currently, they are in appreciation for the colorful vibes and their vibrant beauty. The internet and marketing industries play a huge part in growing the knowledge and acceptance of non-clear stones. People are replacing normal diamonds for their colored counterparts because of the on-going popularity of these precious gems.



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