These Two Bros Went On A ‘Homiemoon’ As All Of Their Friends Were Getting Married!

Life as a single person amidst group of friends who are getting engaged/married/having kids is pretty strange. For starters, you are caught between the confusion of whether to be happy or to be sad – happy because you are single, enjoying life without any commitments whatsoever and sad because you are single, having no one in your life to share your love, feelings and emotions with.

Nonetheless, the entire experience of being with people who are invested in a serious relationship is pretty sad (raises her hand) because there are you are, a lonely, sad soul…

One extremely wonderful way of getting rid of this feeling is to celebrate your friendship with someone close. These two guys decided to embark their ‘homiemoon‘. These two pals decided to visit the magical Thailand and recorded their adventure in an extremely romantic (somewhat cliche) style.


Captioned as “While everyone else is getting married and having babies, my best friend and I had our own homiemoon in Thailand” a guy with an Imgur profile named ignoreeverythingido shared these images.


From the temples to the markets and to the Tonsai Beach, these bros who are friends from 15 years surely show us how we can also have some fun, irrespective of being single.



Ohhh He Has A Man Bun Too…


The ID also shared the following on their profile:

“Ended the trip in Bangkok For reference my friend is a burley, hilarious, large orange bearded, kind dude.

Front page edit: Thanks for the positivity. Finally, the 15 years of friendship has paid off. Send warm messages to your family and friends. For all of you obsessed with Pete’s ass: This is what true friendship looks like.”

We were actually hoping we could see how these two lads actually looked like because their idea is absolutely hilarious!

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