This Maulvi Thinks Eating Broiler Chicken Causes Early Puberty & Increases Desires

broiler chicken in islam

Broiler chicken is often considered bad for health as apparently unnatural feed and ways are used to accelerate their growth. It takes a broiler chicken about seven weeks to grow to market weight, and once they’ve reached the right age and size, they’ll all leave together again for processing.

Due to extensive breeding selection for rapid early growth and the husbandry used to sustain this, broilers are susceptible to several welfare concerns. Particularly, skeletal malformation and dysfunction, skin and eye lesions, and congestive heart conditions.

However, apart from the well-researched medical reason, one of the Islamic clerics has made some shocking claims about the broiler chicken. He has claimed that the broiler chicken causes early puberty in today’s kids. These chicken fed some ‘haram’ things which negatively affect the human body.

“Desi chicken takes 6 months to grow while broiler chicken grows in 4-5 weeks. They are fed forbidden things that increase their growth. They are also the main reason for early puberty these days. Kids nowadays hit puberty at the age of 8 or 10”, he said.

He also claimed that these chickens are also the reason for the increase in adultery and rape culture in the country. They increase the sexual desires of the person.

Well, this is not the first time any Islamic cleric come up with their unique logic and explanation. In the past, there were many fatwas that raised a lot of questions due to a lack of evidence to bind it.

An Islamic cleric from Saudi Arabia claimed that wives should not check their husband’s mobile phones. “Spying is haraam (forbidden) and can cause problems, and is a major curse that leads to misfortune,” he said. There is also a fatwa on using Wifi without someone’s consent.

Also, a Muslim cleric issued a fatwa against building snowmen calling them un-Islamic.


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