British Newlyweds Taking Over Mehendis

It’s not just Pakistanis who like to hit up Bollywood jams at weddings! In a video that went viral posted at Sunday on Facebook, a British couple – I would say danced, but they TOTALLY KILLED London Thumkda.  

jhsource: google

The adorable bride  – literally – kicked off her shoes and gave some serious Madhuri Dixit- style thumkas when her equally adorable husband bounced into view and gave her real competition in the thumka department.

couple-580x321source: google

The bride donning a pretty blue dupatta and the wedding party following the energetic dancing was enough to forgive the super white “Uh-huh” and “HEY”s that just haaad to be done.

Super cute and a must watch for two minutes of aww-ing, Kangana Ranaut would be impressed.

tumblr_nln116bOy01rugkpho5_250source: google

Watch the video below!


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