UK High Commissioner Shares This Picture Today & Pakistanis Can Feel A ‘Slap’ On Their Faces

uk High Commissioner picture slap Pakistanis

Early in the morning today, the UK High Commissioner, Christian Turner shared a picture and collected two bags of garbage on Margalla Hills and pointed out the old littering habit of our people, Pakistanis felt a slap on the face. It would be quite an understatement to say that the litter-friendly Pakistanis were left ashamed and embarrassed.

As Turner was on a walk at Margalla Hills in the morning around 7am, he came across the abundance of litter. Unlike many of us who would just walk by the lying pile of litter, Turner had the courtesy to clean it up. How shameful is it that two bags of garbage were collected at a place that is supposed to be clean and green. UK High Commissioner shared a picture a Pakistanis could feel a slap on their faces

Time and again, awareness campaigns about littering, sensible disposal of garbage are hammered through media campaigns. In fact, they are even printed on the packs and wrappers. Regardless, our people instead of looking for a dustbin nearby would go to the corner under the tree or footpath and toss the litter conveniently. Shamelessly shrugging off their social responsibility.

Garbage belongs to the trash bin, and not conveniently thrown anywhere. Margalla Hills is admired for not just the magnificent view but also the leisure walks. It is an ideal place for picnics, enjoying the breeze, and witnessing a breathtaking view. However, it truly saddening to see pedestrians, as well as families, visiting leave their food garbage right there.

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It is no news. People usually bring bags full of consumable items up the trails and then leave behind piles of plastic bags, food and drink containers, bottles, and other non-biodegradable material.

Pakistanis feel ashamed seeing a dignitary point it out

“By the way, our religion also teaches us that cleanliness is half faith. But what can be done, we don’t have any such thing as shame,” wrote one user.

How hard is it to put the trash in a bin?

Let’s put the Margalla Hills aside. Even when people take a break from the hustle and bustle of stressful city life, and go to the mesmerizing northern areas, they take the ugliness of their cities to the tiny islands of natural beauty that remain in this unfortunate country. The same is the case with the Faisal Mosque. These very people stuff litter in their bags and wait till they spot a bin when they go abroad.

Sanitary rules that you stringently implement at home should not be shrugged off when you are out in a public place. As a Pakistani, it is your job to ensure that your country is tidy and unpolluted!

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