To The City Government Of Karachi, Can We Please Have The Seaview Lights Again?

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Respected Higher Authorities of City Government Of Karachi,

Been born and having lived for a decade in Karachi now, it causes me immense pain and sorrow to see the darkness that the city of lights has acquired in specifically the heart of it, which is the Sea View.

There was a time, not too long ago, that there used to be a night full of life among the waves. It is all gone now.

I believe Sea View is the most important public recreational asset and it maintains its own uniqueness and history. At the same time, it carries an enormous charm and attraction for the tourists visiting Karachi.

Source: Japan times

There might be concerns about safety and security but with extreme vigilance and consolidated measures taken by the City Government of Karachi to ensure the peace after being a target of terrorism for long, it cannot be denied that the spirit of Karachi has been reawakened.


The law and order situation of the city of Karachi has been much more satisfactory along with the effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies whose untiring efforts made it possible to make Karachi peaceful again. Therefore, turning on the lights at Sea View should not be a problem. It will revive the hope to many Karachites and their trust would be regained.

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This request does not ask for anything that takes a lot of time, money or any kind of hard labor considering the fact that the lights are already present and just need to be put in the system so that they turn on and light up our very own beautiful Seaview. It is only a matter of maintenance and minor rectification.

I look forward to your positive response on this.

Many Thanks,

Ayesha Noor

Student (Social Development and Policy), Habib University.

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