Bride-To-Be Hira Was Shot Dead In Gulberg, Lahore!

Bride Shot In Lahore

In this unfortunate time, the criminality aspects are rapidly increasing with the passage of time. Pakistan, after winning its war with terrorism from the enemy alliances, is now, strategically trying to eliminate the chaotic elements residing within. Recently, yet another young full of life bride was gunned down by unknown men in Lahore three days before her nuptial.

Bride-to-be shot dead by armed men in Gulberg, Lahore!

Looking back over the last few years, most of the criminal activities happened in Pakistan have been reported from the Punjab side. Back in September, a newly-wed bride was tortured to death by her in-laws in Lahore. Yet again, recently, some armed men shot dead a young bride-to-be Hira in the Gulberg area of Lahore.

Bride Shot In Lahore

Daily Times

As of now, the police are interrogating the suspects and have registered the case officially. According to media reports, the killing took place at Gurumangat Road in Gulberg, Lahore at the victim’s personal residence. Reportedly, some armed men broke into the bride-to-be Hira’s house and then took her away along with him upon leaving.

The armed men took Hira along with them!

In order to save his daughter from ill hands, Hira’s father tried to stop the armed man but they severely tortured him. Soon after taking the soon-to-be-bride along, the armed men then shot her at some distance from the house. Later, the local police reached the crime scene and initiated an official investigation and seized the victim’s mobile phone.

Bride Shot In Lahore

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Till now, the culprits are still on the loose while the police are thinking that it might be a case of robbery. As per the police’s statement, the culprits while running snatched the victim’s jewelry as well. However, the official registry and proceedings of the incident are underway and the police are busy interrogating every suspect.

Pakistan and its rotten security conditions!

Unfortunately, the security forces of Pakistan are losing their credibility with each passing day and Hira’s case is yet another example. Apparently, the concerned authorities are paying no heed on the escalating security conditions of Pakistan. In the past as well, such domestic cases were reported from the provincial capital Lahore.

Bride Shot In Lahore

Al Jazeera

Earlier this year, a similar case of a 17-year-old student who was beaten to death by his male teacher happened in Lahore. No one knows, how many more innocent lives will be lost in order to wake the authorities up. However, the concerned authorities should look into the recent matter of bride-to-be Hira from Lahore.

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