Bride Of Beirut: A Lebanese Love Story

Bride Of Beirut: A Lebanese Love Story

bride of beirut

Bride of Beirut has become the latest fascination of Pakistani cinema and drama fans who love dramas from other countries. Tapmad Tv, Pakistan’s leading on-demand video streaming platform with 80+ local, regional, and international channels, has dubbed a Lebanese mega hit TV series for Pakistani consumers to binge watch. The drama is only available on Tapmad with a minimal app subscription as it is a Tapmad Exclusive.


Bride of Beirut is a dramatic and intricate love story centered on two characters: Fares (Dhafer L’Abidine) and Soraya (played by Carmen Bsaibes). Fares and Soraya have lifestyles that are radically different. Aside from the engaging plot, the show provides an enchanting glimpse of Lebanon and Jbeil.

Episode 1:

Fares, a business magnate and owner of the Dhaher group of companies, meets Soraya, a humble but ambitious girl who works as a singer and violinist in a nightclub. Fares’ meeting with Soraya in a coffee shop seemed to be love at first sight for him. Later, in a nightclub, the two got themselves into a bit of a pickle. After the nightclub fiasco and Soraya’s violin getting broken, Fares gifts Soraya a violin. This episode sets the tone for their tumultuous romance. The episode has piqued the audience’s interest and their curiosity about what would happen next.

Episode 2:

Madam Leila, the mother of Dhaher’s family, appears to be concerned about the future of her family and business empire being taken over. She continues to pressurize Fares to marry a lady of her choice who she believes would be financially appropriate for him. Fares is enraged when she makes a subtle but firm suggestion that Fares marry Salma’s daughter Naya. Fares, on the other hand, is attempting to attract Soraya’s attention by tricking her into attending a dinner with him in Jbeil with the help of Soraya’s friend. Fares’s attempt to woo is still met with a rather frigid response from Soraya.

Episode 3:

The show is moving with a quick pace and this episode has the climax we’ve all been waiting for. Fares and Soraya appear to be equally smitten. In the meantime, Laila is almost ready to marry Naya, who has accepted Laila’s proposal on Fares’ behalf. Fares battles for his life in the hospital after being attacked by Omar (who also appears to be in love with Soraya). When Laila learns about Fares and Soraya at the hospital, she is strongly opposed to their relationship. Fares defies all odds and his mother by proposing to Soraya after his recovery. He breaks this news in front of Salma’s family. Following Fares’ daring move, Khalil (the 2nd son of Dhaher family) seizes the chance to confront his mother, accusing her of being manipulative her entire life.

By: Sheerin Jafri

Episode 4:

Fares is able to persuade Soraya to marry him. They’re about to tie the knot. Khalil, on the other hand, appears to have gone utterly insane. Naya becomes upset after Fares proposes to Soraya, but Laila gives her hope that Naya will still be her daughter-in-law. Fares and Soraya have married in secret.

Episode 5:

The news of their marriage astounded Laila and her entire family. She misses no opportunity to show Soraya how much she despises her and will never accept her as the daughter-in-law of the Dhaher family.

Episode 6:

Laila now intends to marry Khalil to Naya, a proposal that Naya accepts in order to join the Dhaher family. Laila continues to make digs at Soraya and treats her with arrogance whenever she has the opportunity. Fares is furious with Khalil for attacking one of their staff in a fit of rage.

Episode 7:

In an attempt to find out where Soraya is, Omar attacks Dalia, Soraya’s aunt. Dalia seeks sanctuary in Soraya from Omar’s madness. As the family prepares for a double wedding of Naya and Khalil, as well as Fares and Soraya’s, Laila and Naya make sure that Soraya is treated as an outcast.

Episode 8:

Fares and Khalil’s feud is becoming more entrenched. The two are now seen attempting to please their respective wives.Sara offers Soraya her mother’s wedding gown to wear on her wedding day, despite Laila having already chosen a dress for Soraya.This enrages Laila even more.

Episode 9:

The tale takes another turn in this episode, which is masterfully acted out by the two stars. Soraya sang in the nightclub where the family went to celebrate the wedding, and the two battled about it. Their differences in lifestyle and choices are now affecting their own relationship. On top of that, Laila uses another of her cards to express her anger with Soraya by giving the traditional Dhaher Family necklace to Naya instead of Soraya.

Episode 10:

It’s wedding day but even today things don’t seem to go in Soraya’s favor as Omar tries to ruin the wedding by threatening the Fares and Soraya. Fares becomes angry at Soraya for not telling him about what Omar has been upto. Meanwhile, Naya cleverly lies to the police about Omar and Soraya talking before as well.

Bride of Beirut, which premiered in Pakistan, is capturing Pakistani audiences because of its intriguing plot and well-acted characters. It’s also getting a lot of love and appreciation because it transports you to the stunning landscape of Lebanon and shows you their culture. For a change, Pakistanis are finding the storyline and drama itself to be worth viewing in comparison to what the local drama industry is producing. There’s still plenty more to come in the upcoming episodes, as Fares and Soraya’s love story isn’t going to be a simple one.

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