#BreakingStereotypes: Dear Men! Please Stop Stalking

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The other day I was out with three of my best friends. We had lunch, went for shopping and then for taking dessert. A guy was stalking us, following everywhere we go. Eventually, he stalked us to my house where my friend dropped me.

Do you men have nothing better to do? Do you take pleasure in the fear of women? Does it boost your sissy ego? Do you target who is  weaker than you? If you do, you are not men but cowards. In our society we have been taught not to stay out late at night and come back back home by sun down.  Why? Because the monsters will hunt us down. Who are those monsters ? The human species.


Source: daddyissuesla.com

Specifically. The male specimen. You can be kidnapped. You will be raped. Men will stalk you. Men will harass you. All taught to be scared by men. By you. But not anymore . I have had it with listening to everyone, by not being free. You try to scare me ? I will kick your ass. You mock or catcall me? I will make sure you wont be able to speak like that again. You try to stalk me ? I will make sure everyone knows what a lowlife you are.

I am done with the stereotype we have as women. Our girls should not be taught to be weak. But to fight. To be a ‘patakha’. To be wild. To be rough. To speak out loud. To make noise. And to be able to protect themselves, don’t need anyone else. Most of all don’t feel scared.

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