Breaking News: Qandeel Baloch Promises To Strip For The Nation If Pakistan Defeats India

 If you are questioning : Is this for real?! well boy; have we got a surprise for you, this news is 100 percent authentic, straight from her mouth! And I can tell you that the entire nations people are on the edge of their seats. Some because they really really want to see Qandeel Baloch’s strip dance and some just want to see the implications it will have on Facebook.


This Is Pakistan’s very own “Kim kardashian’s butt breaking the internet moment”    

Here it is the legally binding video where Qandeel her self has promised the nation that she will strip down if Pakistan win against India in the World Cup T-20 match on 19th March!

Because Qandeel Got A Little Over Excited She Decide To Shoot A Few More Videos For The Nation And  Of course The Cricket Team.(Especially Shahid Afradi)

This Is Truly Civil Duty at its best, It Is Safe To Say Qandeel Is One Of The Most Patriotic Citizens Of Our Amazing Country  

If This Does Take Place It May Bring About A Melt Down Within Pakistani Servers We Might Even Have To Reboot The Internet!!! What Ever The Case May Be I Have’t Seen So Many People Praying for Pakistan To Win A Match Since The 1992 World Cup Final!

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