Breaking News: Pakistan Successfully Completes Its First Liver Transplant Surgery!

The very first successful liver transplant surgery in Pakistan was completed at SUIT Sindh. Sadly, the electronic media is still busy highlighting the negative side of the country. With this now Pakistanis won’t have to travel abroad or to India for Liver Transplant.




epa00832196 Indian local boy wade through the pollution and floating debris left after the immersion of hundreds of idols of Hindu goddess Durga into the River Yamuna in New Delhi, India Monday 02 October 2006. The Hindu Festival of Durga Puja, celebrates the killing of a demon king by the goddess ended today with colourful celebrations all over the country. Every autumn, Bengalis all over the world celebrate her festival which not only represents the victory of good over evil, but is also a celebration of female power.  EPA/HARISH TYAGI Also See: How A Pakistani Sees India That They Have Never Visited!!


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