This Brave Traffic Warden in Karachi Stood Up Against a Navy Jeep and Everyone’s Praising Him!

It is quite common that we hear sweeping statements that indicates that the army officials are privileged in this country. Citizens believe that the army officials are capable of making and breaking the laws without being held accountable. This even goes to the fact that they can mend certain laws, such as violating the traffic rules and thinking they will get away with it.

This Is Something That Was About to Happen in One of the Roads of Karachi

A video that was seen surfacing all over the internet showed a brave traffic warden rerouting a Navy jeep from the roads of Karachi. He stood firm on the ground and made sure that the jeep did not break any laws only because it was of someone who belongs from the navy. He moved with the jeep when it was violating the rules and made sure that the driver followed the law. Furthermore, the warden, in a civilized manner, argued with the driver and made sure that he turns back and follows the rules like everyone else.

In case you haven’t seen the video, here’s what happened:

And Most of the People Were Praising the Traffic Warden

Now This Created an Uproar On Social Media As Well

As mentioned earlier, the civilians believe the officials wearing army uniform can mend the rules and get away with using their privilege. This, indeed, made everyone pretty furious!



Some Believe that this Has Nothing to Do With Being from the Army

But Then Again…

Someone Raised How the Warden Needs to Be Rewarded for Taking Such a Swift Action

And Guess What? That Really Happened!

The traffic warden who had stopped navy official from going wrong way at Karachi Saddar got an appreciation certificate from IGP Sindh.

And EVERYONE Was Praising them!


This is indeed an example for all; for the wardens to make sure not to bow down and for the army officials to make sure not to breach the laws and rules.

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