A Brand from Our Childhood Makes an Epic Comeback and We’re Really, Really Happy!

Part of being 90s kids and adults allows us to have a special place in our hearts. for certain things. It goes long, from certain brands to cartoon characters and TV shows.

Talking about brands, many of them helped form unique memories, thus, great moments of happiness for us to reflect upon. One of the best has to be the excitement of having ice-cream in your refrigerator and the refrigerator would definitely be of a particular brand that now makes a perfect story. That was right about, wasn’t it?

So, one of the brands we all have been conveniently enjoying all these years just made a comeback! It returns to the market with something extraordinary. Let us take a walk through nostalgia…

Our favourite brand from childhood returns; watch the ad that has become the talk of the town!

Some talk about reliability some say cooling, others talk about space. Some say the most innovative, others talk about beauty. Then some say 100 hours cooling retention without electricity. But there is only one that delivers the Best in One; Waves! Waves proudly presents its latest Refrigerator campaign starring the icon, Fahad Mustafa.Aur phir Waves ka tou, Naam he Kaafi Hai!#NaamHeKaafiHai

Gepostet von Waves Pakistan am Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017

Yes, guys! WAVES Pakistan returns and this time, it’s hitting big. We all cherished this brand for over a decade – a sweet token of memories for us.

Moving on, we need to talk about how this ad manages to take a jab at its competitors. For the first time in Pakistan, home appliances brand has managed to pull such a move that theoretically appears to be a difficult job in advertising terms. Yet they executed the concept and it blends well with their major pitch.

You can notice the mention of famous brands’ jingles like “reliable”, “pehli chahat”, ” 100 hours without electricity” and “sab se thanda fridge”. Fahad Mustafa portrayed all in a fun way that doesn’t seem distasteful at all. It could almost be a new trend of advertising stirred by WAVES in the market; we believe this is a marketing brilliance executed by the WAVES team. After all, Naam Hi Kaafi Hai!

Source: WAVES

The brand motto here is that, every refrigerator should be equipped and able to provide certain specifications – other brands boast about –  not as exclusive facilities but fundamentals. WAVES bring the ultimate solution for Pakistanis of giving all such facilities in one product. All that other brands tend to show off and market every now, WAVES managed to integrate all those features into one product. Yes, all in one fridge. Wouldn’t that be cooler? It does grant them a fundamental edge above all.

It’s a bold, bold move and we could only expect such a brand to cater it.

What do you guys have to say about it?

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