Here’s Why This Pakistani Girl Thinks People Have Become So Brand Obsessed!

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To be honest, I genuinely feel sympathy for individuals who are brand obsessed and can afford to have a decent life yet fail to truly live one. These people are simply so obsessed with presenting their perfect self to the world that they tend to forget who they really are. All the excessive amount of luxury simply showcases their inner desperation of needing society’s approval and because of that, they are never at peace.

In order for us to live a content life, we should ponder on both the abstract qualities and physical necessities one possesses.

As the battle of living a lavish lifestyle continues, one forgets that a basic Nokia 3310 is considered to be “lakar hazam pathar hazam” with the ability to work ten years more than the latest Apple iPhone X worth $800. Considering the fact that a newer version of the iPhone is being released, we will, once again, be stuck with the pressure of not having the latest gadget.

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Why do these brands to have so much control over us?

Sadly, in our society, people no longer meet with long lost friends or relatives on momentous occasions simply to reunite. In fact, it is solely to focus on each other’s hierarchical statuses. As a matter of fact, the first words that are uttered after the obligatory “how are you” are regarding the clothes on one’s back and the net worth of the particular designer.

It is an unknown truth that a Rado watch will not elevate our status in front of our Creator. Neither will its ability to precisely check every second somehow change time itself. As we are all aware, a Rado watch will depict the exact same time as a watch bought from a local store. We have to understand that we don’t need an excessive amount of brands in order to look exceptionally classy.

We can do that just fine with our dazzling personalities!

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Why not take that money and make some magic with it?

Instead of spending thousands on branded entities, don’t you think it would be better if we invest those very thousands in the welfare of someone? Not only will it serve as an incredibly positive experience and provide us with a greater feeling of satisfaction, it will also serve as a fruitful investment in the HereAfter.

On my visit to The Citizen’s Foundation, I met a student who comes from an unprivileged family and he said something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget, “jooton ke bagair bheeg bhi nahi manga jata iss liye parhai asaan lagti hai baaji.”

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It is absolutely devastating how our society has trained this young boy to believe that he needs to have a certain price tag in order to be poor as well. He chose education over begging, not because of passion but because he lacked the basic necessity of possessing shoes!

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It isn’t my place to stop an individual from wearing expensive designer wear or carrying a Prada purse. However, it is no secret that there is a certain class to simplicity. Not only as a society but even as individuals, who are we to categorize people based on the brands they market themselves with? More importantly, on what basis is an individual who has immense wealth higher than that belonging to a lower social class?

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Do you think it’s okay to judge someone based on the brands they use? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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