Here Is How Brand Consciousness Is Damaging Our Society And Its People!

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A Quran-khani begins. People offer their prayers. They eat the meals once they are done offering prayers. They sit with other ladies and what do they do next? Discuss their branded clothes, the new shoes which they got from Charles&Keith sale and how much jewelry they have on themselves. Oh and not to forget how important it was for women to not to be seen without any jewelry once they are outside their homes.

If you are wondering how a lot of people increase their self-esteem in our society these days, this is what the normal conversation sounds like:

“What brand are you wearing?”

*Names a Brand*

“Oh, that is lovely. I even got of that for myself. My friends and I love it. You have really good taste.”

And that, my friend, is how self-esteem is increased in our society these days.

Colleges and universities these days have become a fashion hub, filling students with competition of “who is wearing what” and “how good their clothes are.” It is safe to say when a girl gets scholarship/financial aid in a well-known university (scholarship because she may or may not be able to afford the fees of the institute), her parents may not admit her the institute as they are not able to afford good clothes, shoes, and an expensive phone. Knowing how the society today depends on these elements, it becomes a tough choice for them.



In the race of these crazy brands, the trend of street markets has been lowered. Why are people just concerned with physical appearance and looks? Why are people competing in wearing the most expensive clothes? Why aren’t they competinbrandbg in getting higher grades and jobs? Why aren’t they competing in productivity? Why do these designers not entertain people who do not have a budget of 1.5lac for one bridal dress?



Why are such people degraded? Are they not humans? Don’t they deserve happiness? And most of it, don’t they deserve respect? We aren’t we conscious of our moral values? Why make others feel that they are not up to the mark? This creates the problems for the parents who can’t afford a luxury life for their children.

I am not offending people who wear brands. The problem arises when these “rich” people make others feel disrespected because they are not wearing an expensive brand. My only message to these people is that even if you are wearing good clothes, carrying a good bag, have a good phone, please do not show off in a way that it hurts somebody’s feeling. Not everybody is privileged enough or have a luxurious style that you have. Brands do not define your personality; it’s your characters and your ikhlaq that defines it.

People won’t remember you by your clothes; they will remember you by your good habits. Do not make brands be your source of satisfaction.

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