Brace Yourself, Coffee Lovers. Winter Is Coming!

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Winter is just around the corner and in no time everyone will go mad over coffee. What I really don’t understand is, why has coffee become a symbol of being “cool”? Addition to this, if you don’t like coffee, people around you treat you like a stupid kid who’s just too “old school”.

There are tons of things desi people overplay with poor coffee but I’ll try to highlight the most common obsessions of this new generation with coffee.

Coffee Doesn’t Treat The Headache You Get From A Breakup


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Noooo! It cannot help you to recover from your recent rejection; neither can it help you to find someone new. No one is really interested in how much intake is required by you to forget your previous love of life. You will find someone to share your cup of coffee so takes it easy! Hoslaa rkhooo!!!

A Selfie at a Coffee Shop, Check-in of A Famous Coffee Shop And A Famous Quotation While Holding Coffee Isn’t Cool 



It’s okay to check-in, take a selfie and share inspiring quotes but… IT’S NOT OKAY to do any of this because “YOU ARE A MAD COFFEE LOVER”. The real lovers keep their coffee life secret, note it down!  No, I am not trying to be “Mohalay k kharos dictator baji” but you got to learn something at this stage of your life!

“Chai Bhi Achi Hoti Hai Yaar”

 You can go out for a “tea” with friends without being too touchy 


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Chai is a good thing which exists in this world. And no! It is not for oldies. I am a die-hard coffee fan, but shhhh it’s personal. And I would suggest you go and check out chai dhabas and I assure you that you’ll like the experience.

Homemade Coffee is a Real Thing


Source: Business Insider

 So sachet and “Homemade and phentii hoi ” do exist! Yeah, it’s not really great when it’s me who is making it. You don’t always need to brew to enjoy it. Be sincere with coffee and don’t leave it alone when you don’t like it. That’s not polite and you are taught not to be rude with good things in life, right?

Coffee Makes You A Better Human, Love It! Respect It! And Have It All You Want!


Source: Goodreads

I express regret if I sound too touchy… BUT coffee stood up for me when there was no one else. It made a better person *snif*snif*. When I don’t want to see my colleagues face it turned them into a clown and the day passes by so quickly with so much fun…

When I am in a mood to talk to anyone it gives me a good company to cherish for days. When I like to go out for a drive it comes with me to make my time more pleasant… and the list goes on!
So have a good relationship with coffee and have it all you want but don’t make a fuss about it. It does not like it nah nah!


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