This Boy’s Take On The Current Issues In Kashmir Is Winning Everyone’s Hearts On Social Media!

The heartbreaking situation of Kashmir is what we see on social media and news channels all day long. From the prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan contacting different countries of the world in order to aid the situation to doing the #KashmirHour, Pakistan is probably the only Muslim country right now that cares about Kashmir.

On the other hand, it is essential for us to understand why the entire world is supporting India. With this, comes the fact how can Pakistan hold the upper hand in the Kashmir issue. Is it because of our government? The economy? The leader of the country?

While we may have our views, this boy has definitely summed everything up in a superb manner!

This Boy Defines What Pakistan Needs to Do At the Moment to Gain Momentum in the Kashmir Situation

The Boy Was Asked About the #KashmirHour First

He mentioned how Pakistanis need to understand that the reason why the world is standing with India is because of their trade relations. These countries cannot compromise on their trades and deals with India, which is why they are standing tall, showing their support towards India in this tug-of-war.

As a solution of this, the boy urged that Pakistan needs to economically set itself parallel against India; specifically stand taller than India economically. When Pakistan is strong enough, the world will support Pakistan, this boy further added.

Throughout the video, the boy urged how economic situation can fix the issues in Kashmir, FATA and the issue of Balochistan.

He Also Mentioned How Pakistan’s Intervention In Kashmir Ruins The Lives of Kashmiris

He mentioned that as soon as Pakistan begins to show their support towards Kashmir, India begins torturing the Kashmiris. “They put their aggression on Kashmir and that affects the citizens in Kashmir,” he said.

“UN Is a Political Agency” 

This boy said that UN political agency, and people need to start seeing UN this way; they are not an un-biased agency.

Here’s the link to the whole video:

This by has shared so much wisdom and the right facts on everything that needs to be fixed in Pakistan.

Wish him all the best for the future.

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